December 8, 2023
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Teen Mothers: Designing A Fabulous Life
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Teen Mothers: Designing A Fabulous Life-A Unique Book

Author: Michelle Swann

Genre: Non fiction/ Maternity

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

book nerdection must read

Life is an unexpected journey and it may take a person on a surprise ride. One such difficult but extremely rewarding journey is the transition to motherhood. Although this journey is hard for everyone, regardless of their age, it is especially demanding and difficult for teenagers. For teen mothers, Dr. Michelle Swann has written a masterpiece book. Teen mothers: Designing A Fabulous Life is sure to help mothers navigate their life in this exciting and demanding journey. So what is this book discussing and why am I impressed with this book? You will soon find out.

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Why Should You Read Teen Mothers: Designing A Fabulous Life?

I am starting my review by telling that even though there are hundreds of books out there on parenting, this book serves as a ‘meaningful guide’ that provides instant, yet comprehensive parenting tips.

Authors usually write their books by researching a topic. But if an author writes their book by doing research as well as combining their personal experiences, their books become extremely relatable. Michelle Swann not only researched for this book, but she also has first-hand experience in being a teen mother. She laid out her own experiences of pregnancy, birthing, newborn stage challenges, and financial, social, and career challenges. All of these elements make this book super interesting, relevant, and relatable.

Michelle Swann has divided the book into various separate chapters that define and solve each challenge individually. I liked how the book starts with finding a positive pregnancy test and goes periodically to the later stages of becoming a mother.

Michelle Swann has also beautifully explained the lifestyle changes and habits a pregnant woman, especially a teen, should adopt. She also describes the various breathing techniques that help in the birthing process.

From the very first page, I was hooked to the book because of the easy-to-read writing style and some humor sprinkled here and there.

I should also say that this book was not a ‘robotic’ or ‘matter-of-fact-tone’ book. It seemed Like a big sister was giving pieces of advice to young girls who have yet to experience Motherhood. Especially the part in which the writer says to give her the name and address of your bully, I was amazed and felt a connection with the writer( hello Michelle Swann, here comes your new fan!)

What makes this book unique is that the writer not only advises on how to handle children but also gives advice on how to live a great life, even if you have no emotional or financial support. Even teen single mothers can live a fabulous life following the steps the writer has given.

She also talks about how to hunt for jobs, make a Resume, and make career choices while also giving your child the love they deserve. Michelle Swann also tells the readers what she did for her son and what mistakes she made and how she would change those mistakes.

Overall I loved reading this book. It is concise, thorough, and explains all the teen motherhood challenges in a friendly tone.

Though the writer wrote this book specifically for teen mothers, all first-time moms or new moms-to-be should read this book as it explains the motherhood journey and various challenges related to it nicely. As a new mother myself, I cannot recommend this book enough. 

Hats off to Michelle Swann for writing such an amazing book.

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About The Author Of Teen Mothers: Designing A Fabulous Life

Dr. Michelle Swann worked at universities in Switzerland and Canada. She now runs a
consultancy business and writes books. Her recent book, Writing Professional Emails: The Step by-Step Guide, results from considerable research on email communication. Dr. Michelle Swann
became interested in email when she found herself responsible for dealing with a public media
storm over a research project she was involved with. In short, she dealt with hundreds of emails
a day and needed to find an efficient system for handling large volumes of emails. Dr. Michelle
Swann’s Ph.D. looked at how the most expensive schools in the world marketed themselves
historically and how the Swiss Tourism Agency marketed Switzerland as a country of natural born educators to support their private school-based tourism business. She has taught teachers
in training the history of education, schooling, and childhood. She has also taught classes in
popular culture and international relations. In her spare time, she sails, rows, and hikes.

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