March 31, 2023
Book Reviews Fantasy Romance

Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd: Powerful Fae Fantasy

As book readers, we all want to read fae books filled with action, adventure, and twists. Secrets-Mysteries of the Sìd is one book.

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Book Reviews Mystery Romance Thriller

Inhuman Soul- A Powerful Unforgettable Horror Read For You

The inhuman soul is a dark horror romance written by Sandra Lynn Williamson. It was published on December 25, 2022. We really enjoyed.

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Book Reviews Fiction Romance

Team Roommate- A Roommates To Lovers Romance Done Right

On the day of All Hallows Eve, Brendan falls victim to yet another full house robbery, only this time, his apartment lease has.

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Fantasy Romance Series Review

Wrath and The Dawn-Review of the Unique Enchanted Saga

"Never speak of sending me away again. I am not yours to do with as you will." Khalid's features smoothed knowingly. "How right.

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Fiction Romance Series Review

Caraval-Review of The Ultimate Truth Perception Changer

"Welcome, welcome to Caraval! The grandest show on land or by sea. Inside you’ll experience more wonders than most people see in a.

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Fantasy Romance Series Review

The Iron Fey Series: Exclusive Review With Reading Order

The Iron Fey is a YA fantasy series that started in 2010. Written by Julie Kagawa, this internationally acclaimed saga is a must.

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Fantasy History Romance Series Review

The Infernal Devices-The Ultimate Urban Fantasy to Read

If you ever want to read a book series that will make you an emotional wreck and transform your happy soul into a.

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Book Lists Fiction Romance

10 Engaging Mafia Romance Novels You Won’t Want to Miss

Check out these ten compelling mafia romance novels if you enjoy romantic suspense and the allure of organized crime. These stories cover a.

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Book Reviews Romance SCI-FI

Rebirth By Victor Fleischer-Your Next Favorite Book Is Here!

Rebirth is a Sci-Fi Romance written by Victor Fleischer. It was published on December 6, 2022. The book tells the story of two.

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Book Reviews Fantasy Fiction Romance

Red by Nichol DeCastra- A New Paranormal Romantic Fantasy

Red by Nichol DeCastra is a paranormal romantic fantasy. It was published on October 31, 2021. The book can also be considered a.

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