March 31, 2023
Book Reviews Thriller

Rise Of Ancients: A Unique Modern-Day Greek Mythology Tale

For the Greek mythology fanatics, Allen Rebot has written an impeccable contemporary adventure thriller named Rise of Ancients. The amalgam of modern-day Chicago.

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Book Reviews Thriller

Bone People: Whimsical Horror story You Will Love

The Bone People written by Wally Runnels is a whimsical horror Novella that was published in 2022. This is an amazing book with.

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Book Reviews SCI-FI

Escape To Phobos An Unpredictable But Realistic Sci-Fi

Escape To Phobos by K. Van Kramer is a futuristic sci-fi that tells the story of a botanist Lirren Lamaar and her life.

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Book Reviews Educational Non-Fiction Teens

Teen Mothers: Designing A Fabulous Life-A Unique Book

Life is an unexpected journey and it may take a person on a surprise ride. One such difficult but extremely rewarding journey is.

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Book Reviews SCI-FI Thriller

The First Olympians-A Unique Dystopian Sci-Fi with AI

The First Olympians is a dystopian sci-fi adventure that will take you on a euphoric adventure with its adorable characters, futuristic atmosphere, and.

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Book Reviews Fiction History

Bound by Theresa Redmond-The Best Historical Fiction For Beginners

You are bound to embark on a historical journey filled with a hazy atmosphere, vivid characters, and revolting themes with this thoughtful, dazzling,.

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Book Reviews Fantasy Romance

Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd: Powerful Fae Fantasy

As book readers, we all want to read fae books filled with action, adventure, and twists. Secrets-Mysteries of the Sìd is one book.

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Adventure Book Reviews SCI-FI

The Startling Secret Of Dinosaur Planet: A Unique Sci-Fi

Are you a fan of science fiction and reptiles? Specifically a fan of dinosaurs? Then "The Startling Secret of Dinosaur Planet" is written.

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Adventure Book Reviews Fantasy

Alister-The Sci-Fi Fantasy That Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you craving some fantasy book with just the right amount of science fiction? Don't worry because we at Book Nerdection have got.

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Biography Book Reviews Fiction History

The Immigrant’s Journey : A Must Read In Big Life Transitions

The Immigrant's Journey is the kind of book meant to inspire everybody; young and old. Written by Roger Andersen, I found it very.

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