December 8, 2023


Every Month we run a giveaway picking one of our Participants and give them the choice to pick one of four books we are giving as a prize for the month, the books that are picked are all from the recent month of the giveaway they are picked for.

For the month of December, we have:

  • The Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon
  • Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross
  • The Wildest Sun by Asha Lemmie
  • Calm Your Mind with Food by Uma Naidoo MD

The winner will be contacted and asked which book they want from this list, then the book will be shipped by Amazon, The winner can Also exchange the book for a $15 Amazon Gift Card if they want.

To be eligible for The Book Nerdection Giveaway, the only thing you need to do is to be a member of our newsletter, you can sign up for our newsletter using the form below:

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Previous months winners:

#13 November: Dunya

#12 October: Aysha

#11 September: Allen S.

#10 August: Abby

#9 July 2023: Ryan

#8 June 2023: Samantha k.

#7 May 2023: Manny

#6 April 2023: Kathrine

#5 March 2023: Ali B.

#4 February 2023: Joanna

#3 January 2023: Frances

#2 December 2022: Katelynn

#1 November 2022: Umme (Abiha)

*All-Winners have been contacted Via Email.