September 30, 2023


Every Month we run a giveaway picking one of our Participants and give them the choice to pick one of four books we are giving as a prize for the month, the books that are picked are all from the recent month of the giveaway they are picked for.

For the month of September, we have:

  • The Fraud: A Novel by Zadie Smith.
  • The Fragile Threads of Power by V. E. Schwab
  • Wellness: A novel by Nathan Hill
  • Holly by Stephen King

The winner will be contacted and asked which book they want, the book will be shipped by Amazon, The winner can exchange the book for a $15 Amazon Gift Card.

To be eligible for The Book Nerdection Giveaway, the only thing you need to do is to be a member of our newsletter, you can sign up for our newsletter using the form below:

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Previous months winners:

#10 August: Abby

#9 July 2023: Ryan

#8 June 2023: Samantha k.

#7 May 2023: Manny

#6 April 2023: Kathrine

#5 March 2023: Ali B.

#4 February 2023: Joanna

#3 January 2023: Frances

#2 December 2022: Katelynn

#1 November 2022: Umme (Abiha)

*All-Winners have been contacted Via Email.