September 30, 2023
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Perfect Part I
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Unleashing the Intrigue: A Review of “Perfect Part I: The Industry

Author: Jen Heller

Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating: Nerdection Worth to Read

Hulking shadows of abandoned homes and businesses flew by, silhouetted against the surrounding trees by the dim yellow glow of the streetlamps

Perfect Part I: The Industry is a book written by Jen Heller and published on December 2022. It is the first installment in the series, “Perfect.” The novel centers around three characters, April, Carmen, and Debbie, and explores how their lives are impacted after becoming involved in “The Industry,” a prison that enslaves innocent people. In the story, the government differentiates between humans as “Perfects” and “Imperfects”. Why were the people differentiated and was it a curse or a reward? Below is a spoiler-free plot for readers to get an idea of this book!

Spoiler Free Plot:

The forgiving darkness hid the wounds on the decaying city like a heavy black veil

The book is a thrilling and dark novel, taking the reader on a journey into a world where humans are created in labs and their qualities and capabilities are controlled by technology. Set in the year 199X, the story is set in a world where a corrupt and despotic government genetically engineers people into “Perfects” to fight their endless wars for world domination. These “Perfects” are designed to be smarter, taller, more resistant, tolerant to pain and extreme temperatures, and able to live without sleep and food or water for years. Meanwhile, those who aren’t genetically engineered are labeled as “imperfects” and treated as animals, forbidden to speak, and used as subjects in experiments. Opposers of the government are sent to “The Industry,” a massive prison where innocent people are enslaved and tortured. The book not only explores the government’s corruption but also delves into the thoughts and perspectives of the characters affected by this society.

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About a hundred years ago, all humans were Imperfect. Then the government, and The Feds, implemented their genetic engineering program. The Feds, not only had the technology, they used it and made it a law that every person born in the country from that point had to be genetically engineered to make them what they called ‘perfect’. Who were the Feds? Was being ‘perfect’ all that? Wasn’t there any pitfall? If being ‘perfect’ was a reward then why did the “Imperfects” still exist?

Curled up in a corner of the cupboard was a small figure with ivory skin and curly brown
hair. She sat with her knees pressed to her chest, staring up at Debbie and Carmen with
impossibly big brown eyes that seemed lit from within under the yellow light.

April is a beautiful lab creation. She is talented, has the power to heal, and can calculate complex equations within seconds. But in reality, she was imperfect. Who was April and why was she different?

Carmen is a ‘Perfect’, intelligent, brave and kind. She was left behind by her parents to Debbie. She was in search of her parents but failed. Debbie was obsessed with destroying the Industry. But after Debbie is killed by one of the Industry’s guards, Carmen takes over her mission to destroy the Industry. What was Carmen’s connection with April? Were they able to fight against the Industry, The Feds, and the government?

A cold breeze blew across the parking lot, sweeping away clouds of dust and smoke

Was the industry over? Did the war end? Read the book to find out more!

My Take On Perfect Part I: The Industry:

This book is a unique and creative work by the author, based on a harsh reality. It provides real-life perspectives and is truly one-of-a-kind. The book is not easy to read, as it has a lot of violent scenes, but the author did a great job in making it a masterpiece.

If you enjoy reading books that are thrilling and suspenseful with a touch of reality, then “Perfect Part I: The Industry” is perfect for you.

The character that stood out to me was April. The author described the whole human experience and captured it in April. The best thing about this book is its strong and direct writing style with a dark theme. From the very first page, “The Industry” is an exciting and suspenseful book that you won’t be able to put down. To be honest, it is not only about “Perfects” or “Imperfects” but also about deceit, manipulation, and cruelty from the government and its technology. The author’s imagination in this book shows a possible future for humanity.

The author created such a great story with a realistic portrayal of the future and disturbing violence. The secondary characters were also well-written. The friendship, pain, love, and hatred depicted in the book are all understandable and relatable. This is one of those books with a gripping plot that will leave you thinking and curious.

Content Warning:

Perfect Part I: The Industry contains Abuse, graphic violence and profanities.

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About the Author of Perfect Part I: The Industry

Jen Heller

Sometime in the 1990s…

Jen Heller was a top reporter for Network 23 when a tragic motorcycle accident left her clinging to life. Fearing the network may lose its most popular show, a quick-thinking employee used a computer program to create a digital copy of Jen’s brain complete with all her memories, thoughts, and opinions up to the time of the accident. Sadly, Jen passed away, but fortunately for the network, the digital copy could do everything Jen did (and it didn’t expect a salary).

What the network didn’t anticipate was that the digital Jen would soon develop a mind of her own and refuse to obey their commands. She began interrupting their programming with angry diatribes condemning the government, the media, the healthcare industry, and other giant corporations. Ratings were higher than ever, but the network feared a backlash from their corporate overlords.

Despite numerous attempts to re-program her, Jen continued to act out, constantly popping up to criticize commercials, talk shows, reality shows, and music videos (or the distinct lack thereof) with her biting rhetoric. So the network secured her program in a Compaq computer, which they kept in a warehouse in New Jersey.

At some point—no one’s really sure when—the Compaq began to type on its own, writing disturbing horror and sci-fi stories under Jen’s name. Unsettled warehouse workers locked it away in a closet, but not before printing some of the stories to share with their friends.

Eventually, these stories made their way onto the Internet, and now four of them are available to buy.

Nerdection comment on this: We got hacked to deliver this information, we don’t know how, when or why?!!!! Honestly we wish the Author was a bit less sarcastic *falling tears*

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