December 8, 2023

ARC Giveaway Program

Dear Esteemed Authors,

We extend a warm invitation to participate in Book Nerdection’s ARC Giveaway Program, providing an opportunity for you to share your Advanced Reader Copy with our engaged community of book enthusiasts. By submitting your ARC, you open the door to invaluable benefits, including connecting with eager readers, obtaining constructive feedback, and enhancing your book’s visibility.

How It Works:

  1. 📩 Submit Your ARC: Share your book with us by submitting your Advanced Reader Copy to Book Nerdection. We’ll carefully curate and compile a list of available ARCs.
  2. 📧 Reader Selection: Once we have a curated list, we’ll send an email to our registered readers, allowing them to choose the ARCs they’re most interested in.
  3. 📚 Read, Review, Repeat: Readers will receive the selected ARCs via email, dive into the stories, and provide thoughtful reviews on platforms like Goodreads and Amazon. The buzz generated will contribute to your book’s success.

Books We Accept:

It’s important to note that we are currently accepting books, whether already published or forthcoming.

Listing Duration:

The duration of your book’s listing is determined by the number of readers you choose to distribute it to. The distribution will occur weekly over the next three months or until the allocated number of readers has been reached, whichever comes first.

This flexibility allows you to engage with readers at your preferred pace, ensuring a tailored and effective distribution process for your Advanced Reader Copy.

Please ensure that your submitted manuscript is complete and prepared for review. By submitting your ARC, you agree to allow Book Nerdection to share it with our registered readers.

This endeavor aims to foster meaningful connections between authors and readers, providing a platform for constructive dialogue and amplifying your book’s presence in the literary landscape. We look forward to the privilege of featuring your work.

ARC Giveaway

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