September 22, 2023
Book Reviews Non-Fiction Teens

Essential Life Skills for Teen Boys by Robert Reid: A very good guide to overcoming teenage difficulties

Essential Life Skills for Teen Boys is a nonfiction book about the many different challenges that teenage boys go through during adolescence and.

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Book Reviews Fantasy Teens

Mika Mathews’s The Golden Apple (The Oaths of Dante#2): A Lore of Love and Lies

We have exciting news for Greek mythology lovers! Mika Mathew's The Golden Apple, the second installment of The Oaths of Dante series, Is.

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Book Reviews Fiction Teens

Lucky Roby 42 by Stephen Wunderli: A Feel Good story

A town called Lucky Roby 42. What would be the story behind its name? Ever wondered what would happen if 42 people in.

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Book Reviews Educational Non-Fiction Teens

Teen Mothers: Designing A Fabulous Life-A Unique Book

Life is an unexpected journey and it may take a person on a surprise ride. One such difficult but extremely rewarding journey is.

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Book Lists Fantasy Fiction Teens

Best Epic Fantasy Novels of All Time For teens

Young adult audiences adore epic fantasy because of its grandiose plots, nuanced characters, and vivid environments. Check out these top selections for the.

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