September 22, 2023
Book Reviews Romance

New River Vanity: A Bittersweet Love-Story

Love is a feeling often under-rated and taken for granted. To help the readers understand the vitality love holds in shaping a person’s

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Book Reviews Fantasy Horror

American Odyssey : The Unique Tale of Greed and Lust

American Odyssey: The Devil’s Hand is a book that should be marked amongst the best eye-opening books that are thrilling, keep readers hooked

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Book Reviews Fantasy

The Lord of the Fallen: The Most-Exceptional & Dark Sequel

The 2nd book of The Fallen and The Risen series, named The Lord of The Fallen has arrived and folks, let me tell

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Book Reviews Paranormal Thriller

ASCENT – The LIT Series Book 2 by Mark Anthony-The Ever Haunting Unique Lit Saga

If you have read Lit by Mark Anthony or are trying to find some new disturbingly horror yet satisfying read, then Ascent by

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Book Reviews Non-Fiction Self improvement

My Parent Has MS: The Only Powerful Guide You Need

Parents are one of the greatest blessings in this world, but sometimes and regrettably these blessings slowly disappear due to diseases, problems, and

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Book Reviews SCI-FI

To Die A Hero: A Powerful & Thrilling Space Odyssey

Wondering what to read this summer to enjoy some action while being indoors? Well, start reading To Die A Hero by Jack Heape

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Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing: What Is Right For You?

Studies show that about 500,000 to one million books are traditionally published annually. Together with self-published books, this number increases to 4 million.

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Book Reviews Self improvement

Wide Canvas – A Profound Exploration of Thoughts and Reflections

Wide Canvas, the seventh book by author Anil Annaiah, invites readers on a thought-provoking journey. Building upon his previous works, such as "Simple

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Book Reviews Paranormal Thriller

LIT by mark anthony – Powerful Tale Of Frightening Leviathans

Wondering what to read for a scary experience that reminds you of October and Halloween? Lit by Mark Anthony may be the perfect

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Book Reviews Non-Fiction

Everyday PR: A Uniquely Compelling Read To Build Media Relations

Everyday PR by Gina F. Rubel is, as the name suggests, a Public Relations book that is literally the epitome of PR. With

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