September 22, 2023
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Author's Interview

Interview with Author Ade Oluokun: Embracing Creativity and Crafting Compelling Stories

Imagine a world where creativity knows no bounds, and storytelling takes on mesmerizing forms that captivate both the mind and the soul. In the realm of such enchanting tales, we find Toronto-based content creator and writer, Ade Oluokun. With a penchant for blending the written word and captivating visuals, Ade has charmed her way into the hearts of readers, leaving an indelible mark on the world of creativity.

In this Author Interview, we meet Ade Oluokun and delve more into her creative process in writing her books.

But First, Who is Ade Oluokun

Ade Oluokun

Ade Oluokun is a Toronto-based content creator, business owner, and devoted fashion enthusiast. From her early years in high school, she embarked on a creative journey, immersing herself in various forms of expression, be it through the written word or captivating visuals. Ade’s profound love for storytelling has fueled her interest in writing, which she skillfully combines with her photography prowess and boundless creativity. Through her unique blend of inspiration and artistry, she crafts compelling content that resonates deeply with her audience. Ade Oluokun is a true visionary who continually pushes the boundaries of her craft, leaving an indelible mark on the world of creativity.

Ade Oluokun’s Books

1. Ade, it’s a pleasure to have you here for this interview. Your journey as a content creator and writer is inspiring. How did you discover your passion for storytelling and what motivated you to combine it with your photography skills?

My passion for storytelling was sparked by my love for reading. As a kid, while my classmates dreaded going to the library, I was always thrilled. As a visual person, I’d imagine the stories like movies in my mind. Even after finishing a book, I’d continue to extend the story in my imagination. This love for visualizing stories led me to explore other narrative forms, such as pictures, which can also convey incredible stories if really take the time to look at them.

2. Your book, “Smiling Through The Cracks,” delves into themes of love, heartbreak, and rediscovery. What inspired you to write this particular story, and how do you believe it resonates with your readers?

This story was born from a desire to inspire people never to lose hope. Life is filled with challenges, and it’s crucial to realize that we are not alone in facing them. Our hardships should not define our lives. Through this story, I hope to encourage readers to believe that they can emerge from their struggles even stronger, with the support of their loved ones. It emphasizes the idea that vulnerability does not equate to weakness, but rather, it is a display of strength and authenticity.

3. “Awaking Aurora,” your upcoming book, seems to explore contrasting characters and their personal growth. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this novel and what readers can expect from it?

The concept of opposites attracting was my inspiration for “Awaking Aurora.” This story very, very loosely draws from the Sleeping Beauty tale but takes a fresh approach. It revolves around a sheltered, relentlessly positive girl who crosses paths with a guy burdened by life’s hardships, perpetually in a bad mood. Despite their contrasting personalities, the story explores the journey of finding common ground and understanding between them. It delves into how they navigate their differences and start to learn from each other’s experiences.

4. Aurora and Jeremiah seem to be complex characters with distinct personalities. How do you approach character development in your writing process, and do you find yourself drawn to certain types of characters?

In my writing process, character development is a very important aspect that I approach with careful consideration. I believe that well-crafted characters add depth and authenticity to any story. To develop my characters, I often start by creating a character profile, which includes their background, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and internal conflicts. A big part for me is also visualizing how they look and just imagining how they would react to certain things in different situations.I’m naturally drawn to characters who are unapologetically blunt and direct, unafraid to express themselves authentically without the need to maintain a constant facade of positivity. I feel like they are just so relatable and enjoyable to write.

5. As an author who is also a fashion enthusiast, how does your personal sense of style and creativity influence your writing and the stories you craft?

My personal sense of style and creativity significantly influences the stories I craft. My love of thrifting, in particular, plays a vital role in shaping both the characters and the overall atmosphere of my narratives. Exploring vintage and eclectic fashion pieces during my thrifting adventures allows me to delve into diverse and unique aesthetics that reflect the personalities of my characters.The clothing choices of my characters are just an additional layer of characterization, that adds depth and relatability to their personas.

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6. Both of your books appear to focus on the theme of finding happiness amidst challenges and difficult circumstances. What message do you hope your readers take away from your stories?

My goal is to inspire readers with the realization that having people who care around you is incredibly important. No matter the challenges you face, there is always someone who understands and relates. Don’t let life’s struggles overpower you; instead, you can emerge from them stronger and better than before.

7. It’s evident that you are continually pushing the boundaries of your craft. Could you share some insights into your writing routine and how you stay motivated during the creative process?

Writing not being my full-time job, I’ve had to find pockets of downtime to pursue this passion. It requires a conscious effort to discipline myself and allocate my off-days specifically for writing. My writing routine revolves around creating a conducive environment that sparks creativity. I set aside a dedicated space free from distractions, whether it’s a cozy corner or a quiet café, where I can fully immerse myself in the writing process.

To stay motivated I find inspiration from various sources. Reading books, exploring different genres in movies, and even engaging in other forms of art like photography.

8. In “Smiling Through The Cracks,” Amira faces significant obstacles that change her personality and outlook on life. How important is it for you to portray realistic character arcs and emotions in your writing?

As a writer, portraying realistic character arcs and emotions holds great significance to me. I believe that people often undergo changes to adapt to different life situations, and I aim to showcase this in my stories. My ultimate goal is for readers to connect deeply with the characters, empathizing with their struggles and growth.

9. Your stories seem to touch on various aspects of human emotion. How do you balance the emotional depth of your narratives with engaging plotlines?

I think that compelling storytelling revolves around authentic human emotions so I always keep that in mind when I write. I try to create relatable, well-rounded characters that showcase their struggles and motivations. By portraying genuine emotions, readers can immerse themselves in the narrative, feeling as if they are personally experiencing the challenges.

Throughout the writing process, I regularly assess the emotional impact of the story, ensuring that it aligns with the overarching themes and evokes the intended response from the audience. This continuous refinement helps strike the right balance.

10. As an author who has already published a book and has another one coming up, what advice would you give to aspiring writers who are looking to pursue a career in storytelling and publishing their own works?

Be patient and believe in yourself. It’s essential to understand that once your book is published, success won’t happen overnight. You’ll find yourself diving into various aspects like marketing, promotions, and everything else that comes with publishing. It’s a journey of learning through trial and error. With your first book, try to learn the do’s and don’ts, which will guide you in future works and how to progress. Not everyone will support or believe in you, so it’s crucial to learn to support yourself and be confident in your own work!

Thank you, Ade, for sharing your insights and creativity with us today. We’re eagerly looking forward to your future book, “Awaking Aurora,” and wish you continued success in your writing journey. Your ability to combine storytelling and visuals truly sets you apart in the world of creativity.


  • John lennington July 25, 2023

    Very Insightful interview
    Can wait for awaking aurora 😀

  • ADENIKE ADEKOYA July 26, 2023

    Wow ! Such a brilliant and detailed demonstration of great work of art and reality. Well done Ade !

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