March 26, 2023
Book Reviews SCI-FI

SYMUTAL By Dean Alexandrou: An Exciting SciFi for AI obsessed readers

In this jaw dropping sci-fi book SYMUTAL, Dean Alexanderou challenges the limits of what Artificial Intelligence will become in the future. Oh, and.

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Book Reviews Memoir Non-Fiction

Woman in the Wheelhouse by Nancy Taylor Robson

A tugboat worker bound to his first marriage is a rare find. To find a woman active in the industry in the mid.

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Book Lists Non-Fiction

The Most Inspiring Nonfiction Books of All Time

Nonfiction books have the power to educate, inform, and inspire us. Whether you’re looking for personal growth, business advice, or historical perspectives, nonfiction.

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Book Reviews Thriller

Rise Of Ancients: A Unique Modern-Day Greek Mythology Tale

For the Greek mythology fanatics, Allen Rebot has written an impeccable contemporary adventure thriller named Rise of Ancients. The amalgam of modern-day Chicago.

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Book Reviews Memoir

Who’s Afraid of The Pharaoh? By Harry Knickerbocker

Who’s afraid of the pharaoh is both a biography and a memoir written by Harry Knickerbocker and published in the year 2023. The.

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Articles Graphic Novels

The artistic evolution of JoJo’s author Hirohiko Araki

Hirohiko Araki is one of the most influential manga authors of the last thirty years or so. His legendary series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,.

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Biography Book Reviews Non-Fiction

Running Douglas County: Bringing you closer to a small slice of country heaven

Running Douglas Country is dedicated to everyone who has ever suffered or currently suffers from any kind of chronic pain. Steve Pierce allows.

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Book Reviews Fantasy

Once Upon a Wonderland: The Reawaken of a Classic

Once Upon a Wonderland follows the story of Alice in her quest to save several fairy tale characters from Wonderland and mend Time,.

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Book Reviews Children's Book Educational

Pebbles and The Biggest Number by Joey Benun: It’s here!

Pebbles and the biggest number feature a diligent butterfly named Pebbles. He is tired of counting small numbers in his garden. It's always.

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Book Reviews Mystery

The Raven’s Cry: A new cozy mystery series

The Raven's Cry By Kim Herdman Shapiro A New cozy mystery series that was published in March 14, 2023, set in a small.

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