December 8, 2023
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Verelyn The Dastardly
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Verelyn The Dastardly-A Unique Dark Fantasy For You To Read

Author: Brandon Baltes

Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

book nerdection must read

Oftentimes, when we start a new book, we have no idea how great, how fantastic, and how exceptional the book is going to be. Verelyn the Dastardly is one such book. It is an epic dark fantasy that exceeds all the expectations set for a great book. Verelyn the Dastardly was written by Brandon Baltes. This is the first book in the series, The Fallen and The Risen. So what is this book about and why is Verelyn the Dastardly exceptional? Read the review to get a look!

Spoiler-Free Plot For Verelyn The Dastardly:

Verelyn the Dastardly starts with Casimir, a sixteen-year-old who sees himself on a battlefield. She sees a horrendous beast and hears someone talking about some Risen and Fallen and how some boy needs more power. He also hears talking about some evil person named Verelyn who is a threat.

Casimir wakes up and finds that it was all a dream. But he sees a person standing in front of him. That person is Verelyn. Verelyn asks him what he saw in the dream and Casimir tells everything. Verelyn then asks Casimir to become his apprentice. Verelyn also asks Casimir to tell all his dreams for the future too.

Casimir notices that he has two stone-like structures inside his wrists. Verelyn tells him that these are called mystors and they grant Casimir power. 

Verelyn tells Casimir that he wants to destroy the Fallen by teaming up with the Risen.

In the next dream, Casimir again sees that two people are talking about Verelyn. But this time, they are also talking about Casimir and how he is the boy who needs more power.

After waking up, Casimir is told that he is the son of Farfidious, who Verelyn claims was his apprentice in the past.

Verelyn then tells the truth to Casimir. He tells that when extremely bad or good people die, they are the Risen or Fallen depending on their deeds in the Afterlife. If they go to hell, they are the Fallen, and vice versa.

Verelyn also tells Casimir that he was possessed by Fallen in the past, but now wants to destroy them.

How will the story unfold? What great surprises are in store for you? Read the book to find out!

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My Take On Verelyn The Dastardly:

Let me start my review by just how impressive the writing was! Do you know that writing, when read, leaves an imprint on your mind? This was exactly that magical writing! While reading this book, one will pause and often stare at the wall in awe about how great a sentence was written.

“Should you not learn to work with us, an eternity of torment awaits us all, Verelyn, despite how much power you might gain, despite the greatness you might claim, and however hard you might try to change, or how much good you do in life.  The afterlife will always be riddled with hellfire. So remember this, future Lord of the Fallen, Verelyn the Dastardly is the only thing in you that will rise. And that is amazing, because perhaps that pure Fallenness inside you is the only thing in existence that can save us all, in the afterlife. But you must battle the Risen in life, triumphing or not, you must battle, then you can lead us against the Risen in the battle that truly matters. The battle for the afterlife. And we must not fail, then, for the hellfire, for the torment of the Taken . . . Oh Verelyn, you must not fail.”

The characters in this book were splendid. While many writers write black-and-white characters, you will find morally gray characters. But most of all, you will root for these characters. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but the character developments in Verelyn The Dastardly were impressive and caught me off guard.

Although this book is captivating and engaging on its own, what mostly drives the story is the character of Verelyn. His different memories and opinions with different characters of the book made this book a page-turner.

I loved the humor sprinkled between grim situations. It was enough to make you giggle while reading a serious scene.

The way the story unfolds, the twists, turns, and shocks leave you yearning for more.

The action, the atmosphere in which fights happen, and all the adventures are described clearly and leave a visual image in your mind.

The ending of Verelyn the Dastardly is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. It will make you want to read book 2 as soon as possible, which sadly, has not been published yet.

If you loved reading Game of Thrones, you will love reading Verelyn the Dastardly. If you want to read a good dark fantasy book, read Verelyn the Dastardly. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Age Appropriation For :


Content Warning For Verelyn The Dastardly:

A lot of killings, extreme violence, graphic violence, abuse.

About the Author of Verelyn The Dastardly

Brandon Baltes

Brandon Baltes is on a mission to conquer the world. Wand in hand, he shall gallop across the land atop his steed, mystors thudding in his wrists, armor glinting in the sunlight, wind swishing through his beautiful hair. The women will swoon. The men will follow. And forward will Brandon go on his conquest to glory. The only question: Will you follow him, or be trampled by him?

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