March 31, 2023
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Eye of the Stormlord by Laurel Colless

Author: Laurel Colless Genre: Middle-grade Science Fantasy Year Published: 2022 Nerdection Rating: “Nerdection Must Read” Eye of the Stormlord by Laurel Colless is.

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SYMUTAL By Dean Alexandrou: An Exciting SciFi for AI obsessed readers

In this jaw dropping sci-fi book SYMUTAL, Dean Alexanderou challenges the limits of what Artificial Intelligence will become in the future. Oh, and.

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Book Reviews Fantasy SCI-FI

Gone Where The Goblins Go by Matt Betts: A Startling Scifi

Obsessed scientists, strange mythical creatures, and a father creating kites to sum it all up. That's 'Gone Where The Goblins Go' but not.

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Escape To Phobos An Unpredictable But Realistic Sci-Fi

Escape To Phobos by K. Van Kramer is a futuristic sci-fi that tells the story of a botanist Lirren Lamaar and her life.

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Book Reviews SCI-FI Thriller

The First Olympians-A Unique Dystopian Sci-Fi with AI

The First Olympians is a dystopian sci-fi adventure that will take you on a euphoric adventure with its adorable characters, futuristic atmosphere, and.

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Adventure Book Reviews SCI-FI

The Startling Secret Of Dinosaur Planet: A Unique Sci-Fi

Are you a fan of science fiction and reptiles? Specifically a fan of dinosaurs? Then "The Startling Secret of Dinosaur Planet" is written.

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Book Reviews Romance SCI-FI

Rebirth By Victor Fleischer-Your Next Favorite Book Is Here!

Rebirth is a Sci-Fi Romance written by Victor Fleischer. It was published on December 6, 2022. The book tells the story of two.

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Book Reviews Fiction SCI-FI

Unleashing the Intrigue: A Review of “Perfect Part I: The Industry

Perfect Part I: The Industry" is a book written by Jen Heller and published on December 17, 2022. It is the first installment.

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Book Reviews Mystery SCI-FI

New Sci-fi Novel ‘End Man’ By Alex Austin: A Review

Hello Sci-fi lovers! What is the thing you most like about science fiction books? Advanced technologies, strange corporations, and brainy villains are what.

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Discover the Best Latest Sci-Fi Books: Our Top Recommendations

Hello, sci-fi enthusiasts! Are you constantly searching for the next fantastic book to read? Look no further! We at Book Nerdection Have Compiled.

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