December 8, 2023
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Best Dark Fantasy Light novels that are hardly light

If you have ever read a Light novel before, you know how easy it is to pick one up and get engrossed in a series that might span 7-8 maybe 10 or more books, they are easy to pick up but hard to let go. with how Light novels are spreading like wildfire, more and more people are trying to find their own niche in this type of books, one of these Genre is the Dark Fantasy Light novel, We here at book nerdection have listed the Top of the best Dark Fantasy Light Novels that you can start reading today.

So here are 10 Dark Fantasy Light Novels

Dark Fantasy Light Novels


This might be one of the best selling Dark Fantasy Light novel out there, and it is also an Isekai Light novel one of our favorite genre to read for.

The skeletal ruler Momonga and his guild of fellow monsters, Ainz Ooal Gown, have been fighting it out in the virtual realm of Yggdrasil for twelve years as both their playground and battleground. However, the guild’s heyday has passed and the game is being permanently discontinued. A strange thing happens as Momonga gets in for the final time in order to be present when the servers shut down, turning imagination become reality. Although he has a rogues’ gallery of fervently loyal NPCs at his disposal, Momonga is not living in the world he recalls. The game may be over, but Ainz Ooal Gown’s epic story has just begun.

Dark Fantasy Light Novels

Goblin Slayer

The cover of this Dark Fantasy Light novel might be lighthearted, but believe me the content of it is not.

A young priestess has assembled her first adventurers, but they soon find themselves in trouble. They are saved by the Goblin Slayer, a man whose life’s work has been to eradicate all goblins, using any means necessary. And once word of his achievements spreads, you never know who might be calling next.

Killing goblins is the sole purpose of Goblin Slayer. He kills goblins by stabbing, slicing, burning, bludgeoning, and chopping them. The brutality of Goblin Slayer is countered by some outstanding supporting actors. With the help of these dependable supporting characters, Goblin Slayer starts to change and become a little more likeable.

Dark Fantasy Light Novels

Torture Princess

After Kaito Sena’s horrific death and rebirth into another realm, a lovely woman stands before him. She introduces herself as the Torture Princess and commands him to serve her. He naturally replies, “Hard pass.” Elisabeth then gives him the option to either become her butler or endure death by torture. After second-guessing his hasty choice, Kaito is compelled to serve Elisabeth like a queen and help her carry out her duties as the Torture Princess, which include submitting the fourteen ranked demons and their subcontractors. There’s a catch, though. Elisabeth is destined to die alone after her purpose is over, abandoned by heaven, earth, and all of creation.

Dark Fantasy Light Novels

Failure Frame

Mimori Touka and his classmates have been called by the world’s resident Goddess to serve as heroes after being abruptly thrust into a fantasy world. Fortunately, the majority of the kids impress right away—except for Mimori, whose capabilities are only E-rank at best. The Goddess sends Mimori to a dungeon where no one has ever survived because she has no more need for him. However, it turns out that Mimori’s abilities are more unusual than useless. even abnormally strong. Nothing will stop Mimori from exacting revenge if he can just claw his way back to the surface.

Dark Fantasy Light Novels

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

ever wondered how hard a life would be if living inside a game was a reality? Grimgar of fantasy and Ash explores the games world as brutally as it could, killing your first goblin never seemed that hard before.

Haruhiro was in the shadows as he opened his eyes. not understanding why he was here or even where “here” was. He was accompanied by others who could only recall their own names. When they emerged from the depths, they discovered a world that was “exactly like a game.” Haruhiro joins a group of people in a similar circumstance to himself in order to live, picks up skills along the way, and eventually enters the world of Grimgar as a trainee volunteer soldier.

Unaware of what is ahead for him… This is an adventure story that rose from the ashes.

Dark Fantasy Light Novels


Reading this one Light novel always gave me Berserk by Kentaro Miura Vibe, with how dark and brutal it was in delivering it’s scenes, there were a couple of chapters and drawings that made me too scared to shut my eyes at night after reading them.

It was never intended for Flum Apricot to be a hero. She manages to be a part of a party of heroes despite having no stats at all and a power she can’t even use. However, Flum’s situation is made even worse when the party’s wisecracking leader, Jean Inteige, determines the useless girl is a waste of space and makes plans to sell her into slavery. In a desperate attempt to save herself from being fed to monsters for her master’s amusement, Flum reaches for a cursed sword, and something new emerges inside her. A blood-soaked thriller of one woman’s tragic journey to redeem her life!

Dark Fantasy Light Novels

Berserk of Gluttony

One of the abandoned is Fate Graphite. He is constantly hungry and never satisfied since he has the skill “Gluttony,” which is a curse, until the day he kills a thief who is dying and eats both his strength and soul. If he can learn to control his power, the true desire of Fate’s Gluttony will finally let him control his own destiny.

Dark Fantasy Light Novels

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World

Did you ever think that having the Ability to rewind time is such a cool skill to have? well, think again..

Subaru Natsuki was only attempting to get to the convenience store when she was compelled to travel to another dimension. The typical stuff happens to him, including life-threatening scenarios, silver-haired beauties, and cat fairies. All of that would be awful enough, but he has also acquired the most annoying magical talent of all: the ability to travel through time, though using it requires dying. When your only option is to die, how can you reward someone who saved your life?

Dark Fantasy Light Novels

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

A little girl engages in high-stakes aerial duels with army wizards using bayonets, spells, and bullets high above the bloody and muddy trenches. One of the best soldiers the Empire has ever seen is Tanya Degurechaff, also known as the Devil of the Rhine. However, she has a vicious, cunning ex-salaryman living inside her head who lived in peace in Japan before coming to in a world devastated by conflict. Tanya, who was reborn as an abandoned orphaned child with nothing but the memories of a former existence, will do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means hiding behind a gun!

Dark Fantasy Light Novels


A conflict without deaths The Legion, an army of autonomous drones from the nearby Giadian Empire, has long been attacking the Republic of San Magnolia. The Republic ultimately created autonomous drones of their own after years of arduous research, converting the one-sided conflict into a battle without casualties—or at least that’s what the government maintains. There is no such thing as a bloodless battle, in actuality. The “nonexistent” Eighty-Sixth Sector is located beyond the defensive walls guarding the eighty-five Republic provinces. The young people of this abandoned region are given the name “The Eighty-Six,” and after being dehumanized, they command the “unmanned” weaponry into battle.

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