December 8, 2023
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Fifteen Minutes – A Powerful Suspense For You

Author: Michael Rizzo

Genre: Nonfiction / Art

Year Published: 2024

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled in Buffalo by Michael F. Rizzo is a nonfiction story full of inspiration, suspense, and the tale of an artist.

Keep reading for the spoiler-free plot of this amazing book.

Spoiler-Free Plot

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.

Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled in Buffalo follows the story of Billie Lawless, who chooses a different path compared to his five brothers and six sisters. Born into a family where being a lawyer was the custom, all Billie wanted was to become an artist. It took him many years to become a successful artist and sculptor, but only 15 minutes to change his image in Buffalo. He created many art pieces and sculptures for his beloved city, Buffalo, and his most significant art piece made him emotionally stressed.

Sadly, his masterpiece was only appreciated by a few people and garnered a lot of criticism due to its uniqueness.

The Main story in the book is about Billie’s “Green Lightning” which comprises neon lights, That glow only at night, and about the events that happened On the night of unveiling the “Green Lightning” sculpture.

The art was appreciated a little, but many people criticized it. Mayor James D. Griffin ordered the sculpture to be destroyed. What happened next was lousy and bizarre.

you have to Read the book to find out More!

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My Thoughts about Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled in Buffalo

Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled in Buffalo is one of those amazing books that transport you back into the past and whisper tales that are both weird and inspirational.

It was a gradual unfolding of a forgotten historical story. Billie’s tale reveals the dedication and passion he had for his work and how his city betrayed him and forced him to relocate from Buffalo.

I love how much Billie was dedicated to his work and how his masterpiece, “Green Lightning,” uncovers the true nature of his beloved people.

The moment Billie was protecting his sculpture from being destroyed, it was as cold as the temperature and emotions of the people of Buffalo. It was full of suspense and emotion, Furthermore, it was the writer’s own Skill to employ his words to make such a suspenseful thriller out of this historical nonfiction.

It masterfully highlights the efforts of an artist/sculptor, Billie Lawless. I loved how the author portrays Billie’s life story and the way he overcomes all the problems in this journey with sheer dedication. This book was an inspiration for not giving up on your dreams. The writer’s writing style was fluff-free and imaginative which I quite enjoyed.

Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled in Buffalo is composed of pictures of Billie’s art pieces and sculptures, which provides a better understanding for the reader, and adds an interesting companion while reading the book to appreciate Billie’s art.

“Nothing in this world is great unless it disturbs.”

My favorite Quote from the book

“In ‘Fifteen Minutes’ by Michael F. Rizzo, the intricate storytelling and vivid character portrayal make it a compelling narrative that will leave readers deeply moved and reflecting on the enduring power of art and determination.”

Age Appropriation:

The book is recommended for all ages 14+.

About The Author Of Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled in Buffalo

Michael F. Rizzo is an acclaimed author and researcher, focusing on the city of Buffalo. Through his meticulous investigations and profound understanding of the subject, Rizzo has become a leading authority on his topics, unearthing hidden stories in Buffalo’s intriguing history.
Driven by a deep passion for history and a relentless curiosity, Rizzo embarked on a quest to uncover the secrets of his city.
Rizzo’s tireless efforts in research and documentation have yielded remarkable insights. His ability to dig beyond the surface and present historical narratives with a keen eye for detail has earned him widespread acclaim and respect.
With a writing style that seamlessly blends historical accuracy with riveting storytelling, Rizzo has captivated readers worldwide.
He continues to devote himself to uncovering hidden truths, shedding light on forgotten stories, and researching the legacy of the past.
Mike lives with his family in the Seattle area where he is either writing a new book or working on his old house.

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