December 8, 2023
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Mika Mathews’ Jar of Sorrows (Oaths of Dante#3): A Great Saga

Author: Mika Mathews

Genre: Fantasy

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

Mika Mathews ties up his epic trilogy in his new book, Jar of Sorrows, the final installment of The Oaths of Dante series. Featuring warring Greek gods, an apocalyptic world where everything’s at stake, and a boy-hero who will stop at nothing to save all he loves. This trilogy spans many topics from troubled families to magical powers and mad quests of power.

Continue reading for the spoiler-free plot of Jar of Sorrows. If you are new here, you can also read Nerdection’s review of the first and second books of this trilogy, The Silver Coin and The Golden Apple.

Spoiler Free Plot of Jar of Sorrows (The Oaths of Dante#3)

In this lush mythological fantasy fiction, the war between the Olympians and the humans grows even more deadly.

Dante dies again, his third time now, having channeled billions of spirits from the underworld. While this hones his magic to an impossible strength, he ceases being an immortal. However, he has a quest to solve: free the Earth from the savage destruction caused by the Olympian Gods and reclaim humanity.  

Yet the Gods may not be so compliant. Hera, along with her immortal, ruthless allies is rallying against Dante and his team. And she will torture, imprison, and even kill to have her own way.

In this final installment of the Greek mythology trilogy, ‘The Oaths of Dante‘, Dante, aided by his friends and family, embarks on a mission to sever the gods of their earthen ties, and heal the Earth once and for all. Imbued with heart-warming friendships, love, and angst, this highly imaginative book takes you through a portal into a magical apocalyptic world with its future hung delicately on the shoulders of one teenager. 

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My take on Jar of Sorrows (The Oaths of Dante#3)

“Long live the king, and long may he suffer in all the hells we gods may go to…”

I loved every book of this trilogy and devoured it like a man starved. 

Jar of Sorrows featured intricately complex worldbuilding, characters too good for their own good (no pun intended), and a fantastic, deadly game of war between the gods and the humans. 

The plot is wondrous– I loved how Mathews interweaves the war with divine politics (pun indeed intended), lobbying, and trauma healing. Each character’s narrative is compelling. Even the ‘antagonists’ like Hera had their own fair share of struggles and cruelties to name, so you, as a reader can easily connect with the character’s pasts and their motives. 

Hatred, loss, desire. Hera was filled with these feelings and more.

As for the Greek mythos, this book effortlessly rivals many masterpieces with its young, altruistic protagonist, a fiercely loyal team, and warring gods. I think of Dante as Percy Jackson, except he has no divine blood but with a hell of a lot more powers and determination.

Moreover, I truly appreciated how all the characters experienced growth arcs after passing through great tribulations. Dante, learning to speak up against his abusive father; Christopher, communicating that he deserves better; some of the gods, rebelling against their own to stand up for what they thought was right. Mathews’ characters are unique that way — they are dynamic.

I also loved how the whole plot is tied together with inner struggles, friendship, and the selflessness that only comes from being a trauma survivor. 

‘My entire life has been a crucible, and this is no exception. I have been molded, by pain and fire, to become more than a person. I am a vessel for change, I accept this. It is my peace, my path, and my choice. Always. I am not always happy, but I am pleased to see progress. My only fear is being forgotten, I am used to pain.’


I recommend this book to all Greek Mythology lovers out there, and of course to all Percy Jackson fans!

“An enthralling conclusion to ‘The Oaths of Dante’ trilogy, ‘Jar of Sorrows’ offers intricate worldbuilding, well-rounded characters, and a gripping narrative that seamlessly weaves divine politics and personal growth – a must-read for Greek Mythology lovers and fans of young adult fiction.”

Content Triggers

No explicit content or language concerns. Jar of Sorrows has some LGBTQ content. I’d recommend it for ages 12+.

About The Author Of Jar of Sorrows (The Oaths of Dante#3)

Award-winning Mika Mathews has been writing stories for ten years, each involving magic and mythology. Through years of writing and reading obsessively, he has crafted a unique style that aims to be free from cliches and the constant push towards the same tired patterns so frequent in other stories. Mixing old and new, he aims to make his mark on the Young Adult and Adult Categories, as well as in the Romance and Fantasy Genre.

He is also the author of several novellas such as A Dance Among Equals, Born Mistakes and a variety of other titles some of which intersect with his Oaths of Dante series! It is a goal to make waves in the mythology and romance genre, showing healthy examples of love and relationships in magical and mundane settings!

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