September 22, 2023
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The Lord of the Fallen: The Most-Exceptional & Dark Sequel

Author: Brandon Baltes

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

The 2nd book of The Fallen and The Risen series, named The Lord of The Fallen has arrived and folks, let me tell you, it is more interesting and gut-wrenching than the first book, Verelyn The Dastardly. This epic dark fantasy continues the tale of Verelyn, Casimir, and other Fallens and Risens. So let’s get straight to the review of this brilliantly written book.

Spoiler-Free Plot of The Lord of the Fallen:

The book starts with Morose, a girl, suffering in hell She wanted to escape the hell and its gruesome pain, but she was unable to escape from there. When she was finally unable to endure hell’s pain, she dies, only to rebirth in the same place. This cycle of dying and rebirthing continued, but Morose had her hopes up, that one day, the lord of the fallen, Verelyn, would come to save them all.

Casimir, now knows the reality of Verelyn, and he knows that he has to fight Verelyn so that the Risens can win. But he also knows that Verelyn was the person who taught him everything and he just can’t fight Verelyn like that.

Verelyn, the Lord of The Fallen, affected by his traumatic childhood, wants to become the most powerful person in the world and he wants the Fallen to win. He hates the idea of hell, and how the Fallens have to live in hell for eternity. In this fight between the Risens and Fallens, who will win? Will Morose ever see The Fallen Lord rescuing her? Will Casimir fight Verelyn? Read the book to find out more!

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My Take on The Lord of the Fallen:

This book is breath-taking to say the least. Brandon did a marvelous job in delivering a sequel that’s better than the first book as well as ending the book in the most mind-blowing way! This book is dark, gruesome and will frighten you even though it’s not considered as horror, but the sufferings in hell will probably leave a lasting impression on you.

The characters, like I said in its prequel’s review are amazing. They are neither white nor black, but morally gray characters, but you will be still rooting for them because they are so good! In the fight between Casimir and Verelyn, you won’t want anyone to lose because you would like and adore both of them. In fact, both these characters are very close to reality and their inner monologues tell us how much relatable they are.

The author’s take on the different perspectives about hell and paradise makes you question everything. You see, when an author convinces the readers about the perspective shifts in their writing, they are successful. When I was reading about Verelyn’s perspective about hell, I was somewhat agreeing with it. When I was reading about Paradise, I agreed with Farfidious’ POV too. Because the writer was THAT good with the convincing.

The book’s conclusion was a cliffhanger and too a very jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Why do authors do this *cries*. Now I am eagerly waiting for the next book because this book served in the best possible way. The action in this book was out of this world where you can imagine every single scene in your mind.

Overall, I loved this book. Also, my favorite character is Verelyn. Now go read this series to find out why he is my (And probably will be yours too!) favorite character.

Brandon’s sequel is a dark and enthralling masterpiece that deftly challenges perceptions, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Age Appropriation:


About The Author Of The Lord of the Fallen

Brandon Baltes is on a mission to conquer the world. Wand in hand, he shall gallop across the land atop his steed, mystors thudding in his wrists, armor glinting in the sunlight, wind swishing through his beautiful hair. The women will swoon. The men will follow. And forward will Brandon go on his conquest to glory. The only question: Will you follow him, or be trampled by him?

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