September 22, 2023
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Everyday PR: A Uniquely Compelling Read To Build Media Relations

Author: Gina Rubel

Genre: Nonfiction – Business

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

Everyday PR by Gina F. Rubel is, as the name suggests, a Public Relations book that is literally the epitome of PR. With this book, you don’t need any other guide, video, courses, blogs, or information because this book is meant for everything related to PR and is suitable for everyone, ranging from beginners to professionals.

Everyday PR is a perfect read for improving your communication skills while learning new methods and tactics to improve your PR game and here’s why:

What Makes Everyday PR Worth Reading:

Here are the reasons that make “Everday PR” worthy of your time, money and energy:

  1. The Simplicity:

“Great public relations can accelerate business development cycles, increase audience awareness, and help promote rapid growth. Harnessing this power can be a terrific boost—if you proceed with clear objectives and remain true to your core business goals.”

This book is written in simple and easy-to-understand language and it is so simple to read this book that even I found this book absolutely engaging, compelling and captivating. The book is written concisely and each new point or concept was written in bold letters that made the book so easier to read.

Everyday PR used bullet points and there were clear Do’s and Don’ts for several steps that made the reading process seamless.

  1. The Uniqueness:

“People move faster and have shorter attention spans than ever. Articulate who you are and what you do quickly and effectively before you lose the attention of your audience. Have a compelling and creative statement ready. Use it when you meet people for the first time and they ask about your business, as your outgoing voicemail message, in your prospective client meetings, at the conference table, when pitching the media, and anywhere you discuss your business.”

This book is unique from other PR books as it provides a lot of detailed insights on how to develop the right methods for getting the media attention your organization deserves. From print media to digital media, there is literally no type of PR missed by Gina Rubel.

The book also provides the latest PR tactics suitable for this digital world. 

Additionally, the writer tells how to present yourself in front of TV, or radio and how to maintain your calm while representing your organization or business.

Combine this with case studies and different examples of organizations and how they implement PR strategies, and you get this perfect book.

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  1. The Logical Way of Writing:

“Writing and public speaking often feel daunting. When business people are told they should draft an article or speak on a particular topic, they often say they are too busy, do not have time, do not know what to write or speak about, or that their audience is not looking for their services online.”

Gina Rubel wrote this book with the most basics of PR at the start while the most advanced PR tactics at the end of this book. This made the book friendly for every type of reader. 

Apart from this, Gina Rubel taught how to handle media professionals, from journalists, hosts, and anchors to everything in between.

This book contains practical action-filled techniques that help in building life-long business connections and ensuring that your business, reaches your targeted audience irrespective of its type, or size.

In conclusion, I would say that this book is worth reading and you learn a lot of new information from this amazing book.

About The Author Of Everyday PR

GINA F. RUBEL, ESQ., is the founder and CEO of Furia Rubel Communications, Inc. (, an integrated marketing, public relations, crisis communications, and content marketing agency. For more than twenty years, corporate and law firm leaders have called on Gina for strategic corporate communications planning, high stakes
public relations, crisis planning, and incident response support.

A renowned PR expert, author, podcast host, and former practicing attorney, Gina works with clients throughout North America, in Caribbean countries, and in other English-speaking nations. Throughout her career she has advised notable clients including global pharmaceutical companies, international religious organizations, biotechnology
companies, banks, government entities and municipalities, nonprofit associations, consumer products and services companies, membership associations, international and national law firms, educational institutions,
accounting firms, and technology and manufacturing corporations.
A sought-after speaker, Gina teaches audiences nationwide how to implement ethical, integrated, and measurable communication strategies that help their organizations to meet their business objectives through client and talent retention and acquisition.

Known in the legal industry as a leading expert on legal marketing, public relations, and reputation management, Gina is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and the American Bar Foundation. She also is recognized by Lawdragon as a Global 100 Leading Consultant and Strategist to the legal profession. Gina formed and cochairs the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Law Firm Risk Management Committee— the first of its kind for a bar association—and believes it is every lawyer’s duty to understand how various risks can affect their law firms and their clients.
In 2022, Gina was honored by PRNews magazine with a Top Women Award in the category of innovation. She and her company received the Business Achievement Award from the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. And Gina has been named a Woman of Distinction by the Legal Intelligencer and Philadelphia Business Journal. She has been included among Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business and is a SmartCEO magazine Brava Award winner. She often is quoted in Law360 and the American Lawyer and has appeared on various news programs as a communications expert.

A graduate of Drexel University and Widener University, Delaware Law School, Gina lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two children, rabbits, chickens, and dogs. You can follow her on Twitter at @ginarubel, connect on LinkedIn
via ginafuriarubel, or email her at For more information, go to

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