September 22, 2023
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A Persistent Echo
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A Persistent Echo By Brian Kaufman is a Sophisticated and Moving Historical Novel

Author: Brian Kaufman

Genre: Historical Fiction

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

A Persistent Echo by Brian Kaufman is a historical novel published in 2023. The novel explores the ways in which August Simms’s past influences his present. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to escape his past.

Spoiler Free Plot

In 1897, August Simms takes a train to Rhome, Texas. He had been a young and adventurous man, but now an elderly and frail one. He leaves his home in Rhome, Texas to investigate the strange airships that have fascinated him for so long. Nadine Martin, the daughter of the former caretaker of the local boarding home he formerly resided in, is the woman he encounters. It had been so long since he left Rhome that Nadine Martin had trouble recognizing him at first. His objective in coming to Rhome was not only to research on the mystery airships but also to be buried next to his dear wife, thus he moved into the same room he and Christy had in 1882 at the local boarding house. Simms encounters varying accounts of the mystery airships as he makes his way into and out of Rhome.

While still in Rhome, Simms skips his medication and shows up at the boarding house one day in pain. He downed the pill and followed it with a handful of peppermints to cover the unpleasant taste. Earlier, he had turned down Nadine’s invitation to dinner. Nadine joins him in his chair as he gazes outward, and the two of them talk about the murder mystery surrounding Nadine’s father. August has been grieving the loss of his wife since August’s daughter’s father passed away fifteen years ago. Nadine’s father was murdered, and August says that a man named Corn Norris was apprehended and kept without trial for some time.

Nadine’s father had been murdered, and it was revealed that an innocent local Black man named Luther Williams was lynched instead of the real culprit who had gotten away with it. And it certainly demonstrates how pervasive racism is in 1897’s Rhome, Texas.

August realizes he can’t escape his past, including the unsolved murder of Nadine’s father, the lynching, and the death of his wife. Will August find peace? To what extent will this matter?

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My Take on A Persistent Echo

A Persistent Echo is an amazingly exciting historical novel that keeps the reader intrigued till the very last page. If you are a lover of historic novels, then you’ve got the right book. Kaufman does a notable job of fleshing out his characters, especially the protagonist, August Simms, whose internal suffering is vividly portrayed and sincerely moving. Kaufman skillfully conjures the wilds of Texas whilst explaining his characters’ backstories, all against the backdrop of the city’s virulent anti-Black bigotry.

The book, “A Persistent Echo” is sophisticated and moving. Thanks to Kaufman’s vivid descriptions, the surroundings and era become vividly real. The author’s careful description of everything keeps readers engrossed and immersed in the story.

To sum up, “A Persistent Echo” is a superbly written and notion-upsetting story that transports readers to a place and time. The fascinating plot, exciting characters, and deep issues are all the result of Brian Kaufman’s careful craftsmanship. Readers who enjoy novels set in the past and who’re interested in memories that delve deep into character motivations will enjoy this. When it comes to the UFO sightings, Kaufman likewise expertly spins a web of conspiracy. A gripping story with a mysterious principal plot and a heartfelt portrayal of pain and redemption.

Overall, I rate this book a 5/5. Grab a copy! Enjoy it!

About The Author Of A Persistent Echo

Brian Kaufman is a curriculum editor for an online junior college. He is the author of ten published novels and a collection of novellas. Kaufman lives in the Colorado mountains with his wife Judith and Finn the dog. He divides his time between various passions, including writing, blues guitar, hiking, cooking, and book-hoarding.

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