September 30, 2023
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Mafia Romance
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10 Engaging Mafia Romance Novels You Won’t Want to Miss

Check out these ten compelling mafia romance novels if you enjoy romantic suspense and the allure of organized crime. These stories cover a wide range of topics, including forbidden love, familial loyalty, risky rivalries, and high-stakes treachery. You won’t want to miss these must-read books, whether you’re a seasoned reader of mafia romance or are just starting to explore this compelling genre. Take your favorite book, then prepare to fall in love with these 10 captivating tales.

The Firstborn Son, By Kaia Misk

The last thing Frankie Renzi wants to do is become a brutal mob boss like his father, but when Sofia Ciambetti’s father is shot, Frankie is forced to change into exactly what he despises in order to save the woman he loves. Sofia was faithful to Frankie until he dumped her and she began to doubt his loyalty. Mafia suitors are swarming around her now that she is an heiress and alone. She could have no other option but to marry him. Despite a mafia battle, they attempt to revive their romance. Can their love withstand the Mafia’s plans, though?

Mafia Romance

Machiavellian, By Bella Di Corte

Mariposa Flores wants to be accepted for who she is, but attractive and secretive mafia lord Capo Macchiavello wants her to be his wife. Mariposa must fulfill his demands, and he must fulfill hers, but she may never go. Mariposa makes a promise to never owe anyone money again after realizing that nothing in life is free, including her boss. She will do all it takes to remain undetected, including murder. The first volume of the “Gangsters of New York” series, “Machiavellian,” is set in the brutal mafia world.

Silent Vows, by Jill Ramsower

Conner Reid thought Noemi was perfect as a bride because she was mute and therefore silent and invisible. He could pretend she didn’t even exist. Noemi has been promised to the Irish and her father will kill her if she refuses, just like he killed her mother six months ago. Noemi’s mother’s death left Noemi mute and filled with hatred for the world. However, Conner Reid chose Noemi to be his bride and she can’t escape him. Despite representing everything Noemi hates, Conner also summons her darkest cravings. Noemi’s life is in danger and Conner may be the only man who can save her, even though she’s not sure she wants to be saved.

Dreams of the Deadly, By Adelaide Forrest

He will now take everything from whoever took Thalia from him. He never intended to fall in love with Thalia, but since they had been betrothed when they were young, he felt a soft affection to her. They later abducted Thalia from him, exiled him from his house, and deprived her of his defense. Thalia was harmed and hardened while he was away, becoming a woman he cannot resist. He has been building up his might while waiting, and he is now prepared to retake his kingdom and claim Thalia as his own.

Vow to the King, By Shanna Handel

Liam, a mafia king, swore off love until he met Emilia. An arranged marriage brings them together, but Liam sees the bruises on Emilia and wants to protect her. He takes her from her home and she fights back, but each time she pushes him away, it’s with weaker hands. Liam took her innocence and can’t get her out of his mind, going from wanting to punish her to wanting to make her his forever. Emilia was meant to marry one of Liam’s brothers, but she’s young and naive, yet also beautiful and brave. Liam wants to be the only man to touch her.

Merciless, By W. Winters

Carter Cross should have known that Aria Talvery would ruin him the moment he saw her, but he couldn’t resist her charms. As he is drawn into a world of temptation and intrigue, Aria’s innocence and vulnerability make Carter weak, causing him to risk everything. But as he falls for her, he must confront the truth about his own cold-hearted nature and the consequences of loving a woman who was meant to destroy him.

Simple Faith, By Susan Fanett

Trey Pagano must balance his duty to his family, the Pagano Brothers, with his loyalty to his father. When Don Pagano assigns Trey to protect Lara Dumas, a woman with a brilliant but damaged mind, from the family’s enemies, Trey is forced to bring her hundreds of miles from home and hide her away. Despite his reservations, Trey falls for Lara and she trusts him, but it is uncertain if their bond can survive when they return to the real world.

Debt Inheritance, By Pepper Winters

“You belong to me. I have the documents to prove it. It’s undeniable and unbreakable. You’ll be mine until you’ve paid off your debts.”

Nila Weaver’s family is in debt and, as the firstborn daughter, her life is forfeit to the firstborn son of the Hawks to pay for the sins of past ancestors. There is nothing she can do about it. She is no longer free.

On his 29th birthday, Jethro Hawk receives Nila as a gift to pay off a debt that is centuries old. She must obey him and there are no limits to what he can do with her. The only thing that matters is the payment.

Hard to Love, By W. Winters

Seth’s love story isn’t a tragedy, but it certainly began that way. He grew up in a life of crime and learned to hate everything in this town except for Laura. She was his constant and just a look or touch from her could both tempt and soothe him. Seth only survived because she was by his side.

Seth feared that the danger of his lifestyle would ruin their relationship, but he was too far gone to push Laura away. He knows he is Laura’s downfall, but she is also his.

Mafia Protection, By Ali Lee

Ella’s life has always been controlled and sheltered by her strict father, but everything changes when she meets Angelo Tomassi, the infamous crime boss of Miami. Despite his obligation to marry someone else, Angelo reveals a vulnerable side that captures Ella’s heart. She is faced with the opportunity to leave and regain her freedom, but she decides to stay and risk it all for the chance at a life with Angelo. Despite the danger and uncertainty, Ella willingly gives up her freedom in the hope of finding love with him.

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