December 8, 2023
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New River Vanity: A Bittersweet Love-Story

Author: Tam Noftz

Genre: Romance / clean

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

Love is a feeling often under-rated and taken for granted. To help the readers understand the vitality love holds in shaping a person’s life and personality, Tami Noftz has written a bittersweet clean romance fiction, named New River Vanity.

New River Vanity is a story of love, adventures, tragedies and living life like you won’t get another day to breathe and love. Because, after all, it isn’t love if it isn’t celebrated every day!

Spoiler-Free Plot of New River Vanity:

It’s year 1989 and Vanessa Jane VanBuren, nick-named Vanity goes on a rafting trip with Annie, her best friend. Vanity is tired from her 9-5, 5 days a week routine so she gives in to go on an adventurous trip. Once she goes there, she sees a 25-year old Norwegian man, surrounded by a lot of attention-seeking women.

The man happened to be Craig Bjorn Eriksen, who ignores all women and has all his attention on Vanity. The two – along with Annie – embark on a lot of adventurous journeys from rafting to camping. Craig would work as an intern in Dayton, Ohio for the entire summer, the place where Vanity lived.

Craig and Vanity felt an instant connection with one another, it just felt that they were made for each other. They enjoyed each other’s company and encouraged each other to be their best selves.

After the rafting trip, Vanity and Craig went back to their lives, with Craig promising Vanity a call from him. Will this sweet little romantic flame turn into a huge fire, or will it just die here? What has fate in store for Vanity and Craig, given that Craig will move back to Norway after completing his internship? Read the book to find out the story of these star-crossed lovers!

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My Take on New River Vanity:

This book is written in the form of Vanity’s memoir. It is mostly the story of adventures Vanity and Craig enjoyed together. The book’s plot is insta-love, where on the 2nd or 3rd page, Vanity was dreaming of Craig’s company. Now I don’t enjoy instant love stories, because, being a dramatic person, I enjoy the anguish, slow-burn books where we get to know why and how characters are falling for each-other. So this book didn’t focus on why the characters were falling for each other, readers are told that there was an instant connection they had right after meeting once.

Nonetheless, their relationship was healthy, which I love in main characters. They were communicative from the start and I think that was a big reason why their relationship proceeded. The way they told each other their wishes and vulnerabilities, their greatest fears, reasons of anxiety, all were indicative of their mature companionship.

The characters were great though. Vanity was clumsy, yet she embarked on hot-air balloon riding and sky-diving, just to experience these things with the love of her life. Craig was also a sweetheart, given he encouraged Vanity to write a memoir that highlights all of her adventures. This memoir was the direct result of Craig’s support and encouragement. And we love our characters to be supportive and caring to their partners and other fellow human beings!

The writing style is narrative and it’s impressive and interesting enough to compel a reader to read this book in as little time as possible. Trust me in this, because I completed this book in a single sitting! The chapters were really concise and described the events and the conversations in a perfect way, reducing any fluff. The book was well-paced and was successful in capturing the emotions of the characters in the most excellent manner.

This book is not about all the happiness that comes with love, but also about the sacrifices you have to make when you are in love. This book was so bittersweet and leaves your heart racing and aching for more. My favorite scene was when Vanity went for sky-diving with Craig and how she overcame her fear of planes and falling from high altitudes.

Overall, if you are searching to read a clean romance fiction, that is different and unique from others in the same genre, you should read New River Vanity.

“New River Vanity offers a refreshing take on romance with a healthy, instant connection between its compelling characters, all wrapped in an engaging narrative style that keeps you hooked from start to finish.”

Age Appropriation:


About The Author Of New River Vanity

Tami Noftz is originally from Ohio where she graduated from the University of Dayton. She lives on a horse farm in North Carolina with her beloved horses, pampered parrots, faithful rescue dogs, coy cats, and understanding, loving husband Ray.

Tami is a gifted writer and entrepreneur. She was broker-in-charge of a real estate company for 26 years before starting her own firm in 2017. She loves hard work, being outdoors, and riding horses in dressage competitions. At age 51, she earned the title of reserve U.S. National Champion on her Arabian horse, Padrons Gladiator+. Tami is currently working on her second novel.

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