September 22, 2023
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OBESITY: it’s NOT what YOU THINK it is! by Richard Fast: A smart take on weight loss

Author: Richard Fast

Genre: Non-Fiction – Health wellness

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

In “OBESITY … it’s NOT what YOU THINK it is!” author Richard Fast sharеs his pеrsonal journеy from bеing naturally thin to unеxpеctеdly ovеrwеight in his mid-50s. Hе discovеrеd that thе root causе of obеsity is bеing ovеrfеd yеt undеrnourishеd, and rеstrictivе diеts don’t work. Richard’s succеssful transformation and еxtеnsivе еxpеrtisе makе this book a valuablе rеsourcе for thosе sееking a holistic approach to hеalth and wеight managеmеnt. In our rеviеw articlе, wе еxplorе what makes this book worth your time?

Spoiler-free Plot

Author Richard Fast explains the nature of gaining weight and how people can overcome this situation.

“OBESITY … it’s NOT what YOU THINK it is!” offеrs a frеsh pеrspеctivе on thе obеsity еpidеmic, brеaking it down into thrее parts: THE CULPRIT, THE CAUSE, and THE CURE. Thе book dispеls common wеight loss myths, rеvеaling that obеsity is primarily a hеalth issuе, affеcting individuals rеgardlеss of thеir wеight. It shеds light on industriеs profiting from misinformation and thе failurе of thеir solutions. Finally, THE CURE еmphasizеs that hеalth and wеight managеmеnt start with a shift in pеrspеctivе, advocating for thе еnjoymеnt of nourishing food as a foundation for a hеalthy lifе.

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My take on OBESITY: it’s NOT what YOU THINK it is!

Weight loss could very well be one of the greatest debates across the world. Everybody wants to be in shape and everybody wants a quick way to do so, which is why there are so many books, YouTube videos, influencers, and so on offering people the fix they need. However, this also comes with a cost: the fact that a lot of those guys are just charlatans who want to sell you a product instead of doing what is best for you.

In that regard, it is understandable if people hold this belief for Richard Fast’s book. At this point of the game, there are tons of books that are focused on weight loss and many of them aren’t all that, which is why a big part of the audience is already tired of these products. But is worth pointing out that this book has something very special.

Fast does something that is very unique compared to a lot of books in this area: he analyzes every stage of the process with a lot of care. This is very important because a lot of books only focus on the solution while this author creates a lot of context, which can help a lot of people to understand their current state of affairs.

On the other hand, I found the writing quite easy to digest. While the author has to explain a lot of different things to the reader, he does it in a way that is easy to digest (pun intended) and that plays a big role in helping people understand what the problem with weight loss usually is. Vocabulary and writing are very important when communicating your ideas and Fast does a very good job in that regard.

The solutions are interesting and simple. You can tell that Fast is very knowledgeable on this topic and delivers the information in a way that isn’t overwhelming at all and that plays a huge role in the way that things are handled. This is a very interesting book because is not developed in the traditional sense, offering multiple insights that conventional weight loss books don’t do.

This is a major selling point for the project because it flows very well and adds to the experience, which is something worth taking into account. There are several tips and advice that the author states in the book that make it a very worthwhile experience while being easy to understand.

It is true that there are no perfect books and that weight loss as a concept is not the most complicated thing in the world, but part of this book’s appeal is the fact that it shows the entire journey to the reader. While is true that is up to every single person to make a chance in their lives, this book is a very strong companion in that particular experience and the author definitely knows what he is talking about.

A very good book and one that, hopefully, gets the attention it deserves because it has a lot to offer to the general public.

About The Author Of OBESITY: it’s NOT what YOU THINK it is!

Until he reached his early 50s, Richard was one of “those” people … the ones who can eat anything they want and never put on a pound. But he never really appreciated his high-revving metabolism – until it began to slow – imperceptibly. It wasn’t until he hit his mid-50s 55 that he first suspected something had changed.

One day while looking at some pictures of a recent party he and his wife had hosted, he was puzzled to see some chubby guy wearing his bathing suit. When he zoomed in for a closer look, the sickening realization began to sink in, that mystery man was him! How did that happen? When did it happen? How could he – someone who never gained a pound suddenly bear a striking resemblance to a Mcintosh, and that wasn’t the computer?

Right then and there, he vowed to lose those extra pounds. So, for the next several months, he tried exercising the weight off, then dieting the weight off, but despite his best intentions, he never quite managed. The scale consistently read 30 pounds “overweight,” and for the first time in his life, he began to understand the challenges of weight loss.

So, like the ardent researcher he is, he began investigating weight loss and obesity. Much to his surprise, the more he read, the more he began to understand why dieting and exercise cannot and will not work for most people – because eating too much “food” isn’t the cause of obesity. He discovered that obesity is caused by the absurd paradox of being overfed and undernourished. He was getting lots of calories, but at the cellular level, he was virtually starving. The great irony is that, given our modern diet, obesity is the only possible result.

Richard also realized that “food” restriction does not – and cannot – work for long-term weight loss. The key to healthy weight loss is simply this; he needed to feed his body, NOT starve it. When he did that, he finally began to shed his excess weight.

Richard has maintained his desired weight for over ten years. He shares his story not because he intends to tell you to follow the secret of his weight-loss journey; after all, why should you be even remotely interested in his story or anyone else’s? He wrote this book because he wanted to share the simple solution to a lifetime of health and vitality, and what’s more, there is nothing you need to buy, nor is there any diet you need to follow. This book will help you find what works for you, and it’s all based on maximizing your health – first and foremost.

As an entrepreneur, Richard is also the creator of MindTrap® games and more than 20 other puzzles and toys that have sold millions of copies worldwide. He’s an American Council of Exercise certified trainer, Weight Management Specialist and Health & Wellness coach.

Through intense research, practical knowledge, and first-hand application – he has discovered how to tap more energy and vitality in his 60s than at any other time in his life. It’s his passion to help you achieve your best health as well.

He lives in Ontario, Canada, with his wife Michele, who shares his passion for health, fitness, and food.

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  • Richard Fast September 13, 2023

    Hi Kevin, if an author commenting on a review is considered improper form my apologies, but I really must thank you for taking the time and effort to review OBESITY. A review is a ton of work and so thanks for doing that. Much appreciated and best regards. Sincerely, Richard.

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