September 22, 2023
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Essential Life Skills for Teen Boys by Robert Reid: A very good guide to overcoming teenage difficulties

Author: Robert Reid

Genre: Teen & Young Adult Non-Fiction

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

About the Book:

Essential Life Skills for Teen Boys is a nonfiction book about the many different challenges that teenage boys go through during adolescence and the way they can deal with trauma. It presents a lot of different scenarios for a lot of different teenagers, coming up with a lot of solutions in the process.

My Take on Essential Life Skills for Teen Boys

Self-help books often get a bad reputation and they often get lumped without careful analysis. Simply put: a lot of people don’t even give certain books a chance because self-help is a genre or a section that is often stigmatized or poorly generalized. This is particularly true when you take a book like this one and see that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Essential Life Skills for Teen Boys is a very good read in terms of the style and the approach it takes to explain the many different ordeals teenage boys have to go through during adolescence. It is not condescending in any way and it allows the reader to feel understood if they are the target audience, which is very important for growth and development.

Even more important than that is the acknowledgment by the author of how difficult and varied adolescence can be. This is very important as it gives a lot of different situations and contexts that play a role in how those years can be for a young boy’s development.

My favorite part of the entire structure of the book: is the fact that is not meant for just one type of teenage boy. There is a lot of variety here, which adds to the entire experience of reading the book, making things feel a lot more vast and complex while keeping a very straightforward tone.

The author of this book is juggling with a lot of balls at the same time, but there is a clear focus and overarching theme about how teenage boys can overcome a lot of the challenges that they have to face, which is always very important. It is also worth pointing out how the book gives a lot of suggestions and tips for a lot of different situations, thus not only explaining the problems but coming up with possible solutions.

The book is a joy to read, too. It is one in a way that is very easy to digest and someone can complete it in a couple of days (which I did). My only major gripe would be that perhaps the book tries to cover a lot and sometimes feels that it could have needed a few more pages, but that doesn’t take from the fact that is highly enjoyable and with a lot of interesting input.

All in all, it was a very strong offering. Essential Life Skills for Teen Boys is the kind of self-help book that actually has a lot of substance and knows what it wants to achieve, while a lot of other offerings tend to meander a bit. It is interesting, it is well-written, and it has a lot of value for those teenage boys that perhaps are struggling with many of the different ups and downs of adolescence, thus making this release a very good read for them.

It is a very good book, a very good read, and it has a lot of useful information for a very important part of a boy’s life.

About The Author Of Essential Life Skills for Teen Boys

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