September 22, 2023
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Drakomunda: GoT and Sanderson Join in This Odd Epic Fantasy

Author: Guy Quartley

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth To read”

Drakomunda is a high fantasy saga written by Guy Quartley which fantasy-fanatics are sure to devour.

Featuring: Magic. Revenge. Feminism. The rise and fall of empires. Demons. Treachery. Necromancy. A mysterious stone with powers as old as the Earth itself. And more magic. With all this and more subgenres blending into one, this voluminous book will take you on a long ride away from your regular life into a new, magical universe.

Let’s dive into the no spoiler plot and my take on this book.

Spoiler-free Plot of Drakomunda

The story follows the life of an elderly man of esteemed ancestry who is forced by a witch into submission. Day and night, he is compelled by her love and witchery to search for knowledge that will benefit her.

From there, the narrative shifts. Two sorceresses, one driven by duty and the other by revenge, are on the hunt for evil forces.

Multiple storylines succeed, with demons, sorcerers, cannibals and more. The concluding story of Prince Yaevin ties all the loose ends masterfully.

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My take on Drakomunda

Until now, I believed no grim dark fantasy book could be truly dark enough for me to make me wonder, ‘God, that’s too dark’. Having read Drakomunda, I can safely say: Oh, how wrong I was.

Because Drakomunda is an alluring ‘fifty shades of black’ riddled with midnight-dark magic and grey characters and gruesomeness that will make your guts twist and wrench.

Moreover, Drakomunda features a myriad of exquisite characters. From princes to slaves, witches to cannibals, priests, nuns and dark magicians, this darkly lyrical book has first-rate 3D characters with compelling narratives.

As above, the plot of Drakomunda is intricately complex with multiple storylines, and not meant to be an easy read. Even I found myself lost at times. The author practically leaves you within tumultuous waters to figure out your path. And that, my dear reader, is what you have to do: swim through and find your shore.

Although Drakomunda checks off all boxes that comprise an excellent high fantasy, it has a lot more to show off. From elaborate world-building to a novel magic system, and a horrifying dark-doom permeating the universe, Drakomunda is a bittersweet treat for fans of the epic-fantasy genre.

Additionally, the grimdark element of Drakomunda rivals that of the standard ‘Game of Thrones’ whilst the world-building threatens to topple over Brandon Sanderson’s sophisticated universe. Readers are sure to get immersed in this alluring mystery of nature.

Trigger Warnings

Gore, violence and explicit content are present. Suitable for 18+ audiences only.

About The Author Of Drakomunda

Guy Quartley Lives in Somerset, England. 46, works in forestry and gardening. Loves to explore the ancient and haunted corners of Britain.

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