December 8, 2023
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Entwined Within The Darkness
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Entwined Within The Darkness by Charley Black: A Paranormal Romance

Author: Charley Black

Genre: Paranormal Romance – Fantasy

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to read”

Fans of Twilight and Serpent & Dove trilogy will love this new Paranormal Fantasy ‘Entwined Within The Darkness‘ by Charley Black. This paranormal romance is the first installment of a soon-to-be trilogy ‘Within The Darkness‘. Paranormal romance explores romantic aspects among supernatural characters like witches, vampires, and demons. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or old to this genre, you may still come to find this book amazing if you’re a romance fan.

Tag along and read the spoiler-free plot of Entwined Within The Darkness, and our thoughts on the book.

Spoiler Free Plot of Entwined Within The Darkness

The one thing Patience remembers from her past is this: she was found unconscious on the steps of the Kilborn Academy of Witchery. Since then no one has come to claim her. Moreover, terrible nightmares are plaguing her. In her dreams, a dark skinned person with blood-red eyes threatens her. ‘I will kill him. You are mine. Forever‘, he chants.

One day, her demon friend Michael starts transitioning at a Vampire Club. In order to save his life, Patience tethers him to a vampire named Ian. This doesn’t seem to please the vampire’s brother, Lucius, who is a deadly witch-hunter.
Lucius wants to kill Patience on the spot for putting Ian’s life in danger. However, he soon learns that Patience is not an ordinary witch. And that he needs her help in Ian’s life.

Together, Lucius and Patience embark on a quest to find the mythical soul gem that will save both Michael’s and Ian’s lives. But the soul gem isn’t their biggest problem, since both discover that their lives have been entwined in ways they never knew…

In this paranormal fantasy by Charley Black, two exceptionally powerful enemies will grudgingly form an alliance to save the lives of their loved ones — and in the meantime, battle against their growing attraction for each other.

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My Take on Entwined Within The Darkness

The story started with a great premise.

From witches to demons and vampires, Entwined Within The Darkness offered everything a paranormal romance lover would want. It featured an enemies-to-lovers trope, with Lucius as a witch-hunter and Patience as a witch. We are goners for plots where the protagonists who are also enemies begrudgingly accept each other’s company for the sake of the greater good. And in the meantime, if they start falling for each other? more’s the better.

However, I think their relationship was a little forced. I’d rather prefer a more gradual approach in an enemies-to-lovers, but overall it all comes down to what you like.

Fortunately, there were other things I liked in Entwined Within The Darkness. The character development was exquisite. My favorite character was Patience, the witch extraordinaire. Why, you ask? Because she was brave. She was a reader. And of course, she had all sorts of clever quips ready at her tongue. Unfortunately for Lucius, who was mostly at the receiving end of those quips.

As for Lucius, his character seemed two-dimensional at first and I didn’t start liking him until after half of the story passed.

The world-building and the magic system were also fascinatingly unique. Not sure? Buckle up, because here we’re talking about enchanted necklaces, talking bookstores, and rooms only someone you trust could enter.

Amazingly, the book is action-packed and filled with surprises that will keep both the characters (and the readers!) on their toes. Black’s writing is also engaging, she doesn’t waste time on trivia. Instead, you get plunged head-on into political games and magical tokens, and slow-burn romance.

Content Triggers

Graphic adult content is present, including sexual content and frequent cursing. Only for mature readers 18+.
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About The Author Of Entwined Within The Darkness

Charley Black

Charley Black is an up-and-coming writer and author who has been creating stories since she was twelve years old. Her early short stories dabbled in different genres, but her passion for romance novels — paranormal romance in particular — always shone through. Charley currently resides in Rhode Island, with her family and works at a local university. Entwined will be the first of three novels set in the Within the Darkness universe.

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