September 30, 2023
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The Startling Secret Of Dinosaur Planet
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The Startling Secret Of Dinosaur Planet: A Unique Sci-Fi

Author: Derek Moreland

Genre: Science Fiction/ Adventure

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

Are you a fan of science fiction and reptiles? Specifically a fan of dinosaurs? Then “The Startling Secret of Dinosaur Planet” is written just for you! With the elements of adventure, war, humor, and dinosaurs, the book is worthy of your time!

Spoiler-Free Plot:

The Startling Secret of Dinosaur Planet written by Derek Moreland is a sci-fi Adventure. It was published on November 29, 2022.

The book tells the story of a teenage engineer named Nathaniel who is the only survivor of an outer space ambush. The book starts when Nathaniel or Nate is trying to save the spaceship, but due to extreme damage to the spaceship, he is unable to do so. He sees a planet that he can reach on the ship’s radar, and heads toward that planet. After nearly destroying the spaceship, he lands on a new planet and losses consciousness.

When he gains consciousness, he notices that he is in a room with a very large hospital bed and the surgical instruments there are also huge. The place was extremely humid and Nate starts thinking about his friends and this place.

Nate is amazed to see that when the door to the room is opened, nine-foot-tall Triceratops arrives on two legs. His name is Doctor Ennis Long Points and he has put a universal translator in Nate’s brain as an experiment. Ennis tells Nate about his confinement here due to his seniors’ orders.

Shortly, the senior officer who is a Pachycephalol arrives. Nate names him Pachyman. While investigating Nate, the alarms start blaring and telling about an incursion in the area. Pachyman orders Ennis to kill Nate. Pachyman goes to fight the enemies who attacked the area.

Will Ennis kill Nate? Who is attacking that area? What is the secret of the dinosaur planet? Read the book to find out more!

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My Take On The Startling Secret Of Dinosaur Planet:

The startling secret of the dinosaur planet was an amazing read for me. It is very easy to read and its vibes are very similar to The Aurora Cycle series. 

The book portrays all the scenes exceptionally well. The main character, Nate, is smart, clever, and humorous. His dialogues and inner monologues were interesting and always put a smile on my face due to their light nature. His personality was quirky and optimistic.

Doctor Long Points was a very calm person. His curiosity about a human and their characteristics seemed real and even when Nate was upset with him at the start of their encounter, Long Points remained neutral. He also seemed to be a secret fan of Nate. He was intelligent and had done amazing things and experiments.

Other characters including Jaynice, and Amy Silversky were inevitable for the story as they added more substance and friendship to the story. All of them together made an exceptional crew that was together for all the adventures. So if you love to read about different people coming together for one cause, and becoming friends, you should also read this book!

The book was not boring even in the slightest due to all the scenes leading to one big plot. The plot of the book was extraordinary and the writer did an amazing job of delivering the message of the book.

Though it may take you a little time to wrap your head around all the events happening in this book, the book is fast-paced and will keep you captivated!

Rating: 4/5 due to taking some time to get into the plot.

Content Warning: None except a little blood/violence.

Age: 13+

About the Author of The Startling Secret Of Dinosaur Planet

Derek Moreland is a freelance writer living in Texas. He is the author of Songweaver: The Temptation of Tanith Ven, Shmonster the Monster and its sequels, and the comic book series Space is Awful. Additionally, he has published an academic essay in the collection The Ascendance of Harley Quinn: Essays on DC’s Enigmatic Villain. His short fiction has been published in the online literary magazines Cease, Cows, Bone and Ink Press, and in the A Fifth of Boo! horror anthology. [Derek Moreland]

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