September 30, 2023
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Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd
Book Reviews Fantasy Romance

Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd: Powerful Fae Fantasy

Author: Maria M. Lacroix

Genre: Dark Romantasy

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

book nerdection must read

As book readers, we all want to read fae books filled with action, adventure, and twists. Secrets-Mysteries of the Sìd is one book for all the fae fantasy lovers out there. Translated from German and written by  Maria M. Lacroix, the book is sure to draw your attention!

Spoiler-Free Plot:

Secrets – Mysteries of the Sìd is the first book of the Secrets series. The book tells the story of Nessya and Cathal.

Nesya is a half-breed of a human and a fae. She was magicless and so she came to the human world to live her life. Cathal was the Slaugh Army Commander who is also a half-breed between an elf and a slaugh. He occasionally went to the human world glamoured as a human male.

When Nessya and Cathal met in a club, Nessya was able to see through Cathal’s glamor which drew Cathal’s attention. One thing led to another and somehow, Nessya unintentionally took away Cathal’s magic and became injured.

To treat her, Cathal took her to the fae world and made a treaty of peace for a decade with the queen in exchange for the healer for two hours. Nessya is healed and soon returns to the human world, despite Cathal asking her to live in the fae world.

Emma, Nessya’s best friend, is kidnapped by a fairy prince. Nessya has no one other than Cathal for help. So she asks for help. But will Cathal help her? Even though he has a peace treaty with the fae? Read the book to find out more!

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My Take On Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd:

If you loved reading the Folk of The Air series, then this book must be on your reading list. When I started reading Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd, I thought of it as similar to Folk of the Air, and A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I raised my expectations for this book and oh my, this book did not disappoint-not even in the slightest. I loved reading this book. I read Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd rather fastly, which shows how much this book was interesting, captivating, and exciting! The “I will read just one more chapter” was constant for me and this shall be the case for you too!

The atmosphere of Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd is gripping from the start, and the way the writer switches the POV between both the lead characters is appreciative as you get to know about both characters.

The writing style in this book is similar to Holly Black’s writing. Though it may be the translation, the translation was extraordinary too. The story is fast-paced with one scene leading to another and no-filler scenes. 

The book is based on the story of two characters, Nessya and Cathal. Nessya is observant, who is absolutely intelligent, and brave. She is courageous and speaks everything true without fear of others.

Cathal, in the start, seemed to be a heartless, broody creature. However, after some encounters, we get to know that Cathal is not like what he seems to be. He has a great personality with a bit of humor sprinkled on top!

Overall, if you want to read a fae fantasy, this is a must-read!  With its action-filled plot, politics, and fae, this book is sure to become one of your favorites!

Content Warning: Mention of rape and abuse once.
Age Appropriate: For Young Adults or 16+

About the Author of Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd

Maria M. Lacroix first started writing during her studies to clear her head for finals. She studied molecular biology, geology and meteorology. Her professional focus remains in molecular biology, where she has worked in forensics helping to solve criminal cases, as well as in historical anthropology working on historical cases.

She now works for a large life science company during the day. By night, she morphs into a creature trying to turn caffeine into stories.

Her great passion has always been writing Fantasy. [Maria M. Lacroix]

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