December 8, 2023
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The Soul Machine
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The Soul Machines: One of A Kind Fiction Reality

Author: Alexandru Czimbor

Genre: Historical Fiction

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

What if an artifact discovered becomes the most powerful weapon in humanity? And the artifact is not only powerful but is cursed too? Filled with potent characters, rip-roaring action, treasured love stories, and a fantastic plot, the Soul Machines will leave you yearning for more! The Soul Machines by Alexandru Czimbor is an adventure family saga romance published on 5 January 2023. So what is this book about? Read the article to find out more!

Spoiler-Free Plot:

Tudor, a teenager, finds a small metal object in the forest while taking some chestnuts. He tells his two friends, Roli and Sami, about the strange metal object. Sami in return says that he will go to see that thing.

The next day, Sami goes into the forest and finds that object. Strangely, as soon as he touches it, the thing shines, and Sami losses his senses. His mind becomes blank. He goes to his home, unable to speak.

Meanwhile, Tudor encounters a beautiful lady named Orsolya. He instantly falls in love, but Orsolya is engaged with Károly, the most powerful, wealthy, and meanest guy in town.

When Tudor goes to the forest to grab and hide the shiny object somewhere safe, he meets a stranger who asks him about any artifact he knows of. The stranger tells him the artifact is dangerous and encountering it can cause side effects such as loss of sense. Tudor remembers his friend, who is the victim of that artifact, which turns out to be called the soul machines.

Roli’s eighteenth birthday is two days away. He has invited Orsolya and Tudor(as a worker). With the soul machines in Tudor’s home and a stranger finding it, what will be the fate of Tudor? Will his love for Orsolya flourish or perish? Most importantly, will the town ever be the same after discovering the soul machines? Read this fantastic adventurous book to find out!

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My Take On The Soul Machines:

Where should I start this review? I loved reading the first chapter of the book. And then the second. And the third. And the entirety of this book. This book was one of a kind. Words can not justify how aesthetic and top-shelf this book is. I honestly enjoyed reading every sentence of this marvelous book.

What I really liked was the mystery revolving around the soul machines. The depiction of the forest, the way the religious debates unfold, the writer handling multiple people, the mesmerizing sentences, and the thrilling plots within plots leave you rooting hard while Reading.

My favorite character in the Soul Machines was Sami. He was a gypsy, and his humor was the icing on the cake. How Sami reacted and thought between serious scenes was funny. He was a breath of fresh air in the Soul Machines. His dialogues were interesting to read.

Tudor’s character was strong. He was intelligent and thoughtful, and I adored reading his thoughts. I loved how caring and sacrificing he was towards his friends. He was a hidden gem that wanted to be found and polished. Alas, his surroundings did not support his questions in the beginning. But given a chance, he proved to be an intelligent guy.

The writer wrote every dialogue, sentence, and chapter with much love. And it showed in the book. There was no rushed scene, no plot holes. The soul machines is a book that is both plot and character-driven.

Among all the other things, let’s not forget about the soul machines and its effects. I mean the literal soul machines. I was intrigued reading about it. Its unique qualities were mind-blowing.

The book successfully told the story, delivered the lesson, portrayed humanity’s greedy nature, and handled the complicated plot. There were numerous debates on history and religion, and Alexandru handled them carefully.

The difference among people based on money and wealth is a sad reality portrayed in the book. The soul machines epitomizes reality fiction and is a great book to read.

I also loved how the history of the soul machines was easy to understand. Even though I’m not fond of physics much, I understood all the scientific aspects quickly.

The final fight scene and its outcome were unexpected for me. I was taken by surprise as I imagined a different result. But that’s the quality of a great read. You do not know what awaits you in the following sentence. The action is unmatchable, clearly written, and leaves no room for confusion in the reader’s mind.

I loved this book. But one thing I did not enjoy was the way Orsolya and Tudor instantly fell in love with each other, like love at first sight. I like reading about relationships building slowly, but that is just a personal preference.

Overall, I enjoyed reading soul machines. During reading, I was in the classic reader’s “Just One More Chapter” mode because it was so exciting and captivating.

I highly recommend reading the soul machines and eagerly await its sequel.

Content Warning:

Mild violence 

Age Appropriation:


About The Author Of The Soul Machines

 Alexandru Czimbor

Alexandru Czimbor was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania during the oppressive communist regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu. He has lived in the United States since 2001 and spends his summers in Europe. Alexandru taught at a Romanian university, worked in the software industry, and has been an executive since 2011. He has a master’s degree in computer science and studied at UTCN Cluj-Napoca and ETH Zürich. When he is not working or writing, Alexandru mentors his son, plays guitar, reads, and relentlessly listens to podcasts.

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