September 30, 2023
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The Faulty Crew By Robert Lee Gibson
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The Faulty Crew By Robert Lee Gibson – Book Review

Author: Robert Lee Gibson IV,

Editor & Forward: Mohammad Hajo

Genre: Humorous Fiction

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

The Faulty Crew By Robert Lee Gibson IV is a short Fiction book that was released on January 8, 2023, Following the expulsion of a group of academics to a nearby village on account of their unbecoming practice in their various fields, they find themselves entangled in an absurd reality that seemed to exist even above their collective knowledge. The faulty crew is a case of complex enigma and absurdity.

Spoiler-Free Plot

A team of academic rejects comprising a Biologist, Doctor, Virologist, Philologist, Anthropologist, Linguist, and Author is presented with hell-of-a-day as they try to make sense of the absurd sequence of events that followed the absence of the doctor. But this is just the beginning as the return of the doctor only ushers them into a complex mystery that followed.

The doctor, having entered in grand awe with four indigenous laborers carrying a wooden crate, guns them down after their delivery which tenses the atmosphere and questioned the sanity of the doctor. Following an extensive struggle (both verbally and physically), the doctor is demanded to make sense of the insanity of his action, his whereabouts, and the content of the crate. But his story of lizard-like animals with humanoid eyes, eating a baby only adds to the cloud in the room.

The author who seems to be more informed about this absurdism reveals that he partook in orchestrating the events that lead to their eventual expulsion which brought them all together.

I’m having a hard time retaining that myself. Well, as I’ve mentioned, I needed people who would appreciate the absurdity of it all and that is just what I wanted to investigate, absurdity.

But all these do not clear the air from the suspense lurking under an array of questions: Why did the doctor gun the men, how big is the author’s involvement in their mechanized fate, and more immediately, what really is within this wooden crate?

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My Take on The Faulty Crew

Faulty crew is a suspense-packed novel that is unpredictable, hence, you just have to wait for the plot to unravel the mysteries it holds. The novel is covered with an absurdist temperament and while this suspense style can turn some off, it will easily engross you if you are inquisitive enough. Even after completion, the reader will be left with a lot to ponder upon and a lot of pieces to figure out on their own.

Robert Lee Gibson IV displays a skilled narration as the entire novel is wrapped up in one scene, but through the use of flashbacks, intelligent conversation between characters, and the exploitation of the character’s stream of consciousness, he manages to delay the climax and maintain the suspense of the narration. The reader will easily be refreshed by the literary techniques of flashback, stream of consciousness, and overall skill of narration of the writer.

Robert Lee Gibson IV also uses the character of the author to create comic relief through his superfluous exchange. This is really refreshing and exciting if you are a vocabulary lover.

Overall, this book was amazing and I highly recommend you read it.

About the Author of the Faulty Crew

Robert Lee Gibson IV originally from Springfield, Virginia. Due to a number of circumstances, He left the US at the age of 20 to pursue a higher education in Germany. This decision flourished into his love and propensity of teaching and learning languages, which is something he continue to do. From Germany he made his way to the Middle East, Russia, Asia and eventually Eastern Asia, learning German, Arabic, Russian and more.

During this time he dabbled in a variety of professional endeavors but continued to teach, namely English and German. Coming from a family of teachers, many view this as destiny and these circumstances were perfect to conduct his interest in writing.

His first novella “The Faulty Crew” is collectively inspired by the ubiquitous fallacies and questions which he had encountered across immeasurably different cultures. Each character is a congregation of people, places and entities which he have in one way or another encountered.

Beyond this his interests include simply sitting and conversing with friends, chess, jokes, which have gotten him both in and out of more trouble then healthy. He will continue writing as it is truly an exercise which he can enjoy and hope to carve a professional notch in the literary world for himself.

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