September 22, 2023
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Kirsten Kelly Chronicles: A Daring Mystery You Should Read Now

Author: Chrissy Piccolo

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Romance

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

Chrissy Piccolo ‘s The Mystery of The Gold Coin is the 1st installment of the promising sci-fi mystery series, ‘Kirsten Kelly Chronicles‘. It features a strong female protagonist, Kirsten, whom you will love for her defiant determination. She’s a strong willed woman with (you guessed it) the fate of the world lying on her shoulders. Plus the mystery-factor of the Kirsten Kelly chronicles is bound to immerse you into the iconic Pyramids of Giza, within the very plans of sneaky villains, and tug you along intergalactic power schemes. Continue reading for the spoiler-free plot of The Mystery of The Gold Coin.

Spoiler-Free Plot of Kirsten Kelly Chronicles #1

Kirsten’s past has always been a mystery to her. She does not remember her true family. Strange dreams and visions plague her, and they have become even more common a week before her thirtieth birthday. But she doesn’t have the luxury, or time, to worry much about her past, being a Private Investigator with already much on her plate.

Soon though, her usual life with her boyfriend Nate and her cat Tobie turns haywire, when out of no-where a mysterious person dumps a small package with a golden coin inside her mailbox. Kirsten is intrigued; her motto being ‘never give up’, she badly wants to unearth the mystery of the Egyptian coin.

However, she isn’t the only one to be rooting for the coin. The fearsome leader of the dark cult, Manelli, himself, also wants it and sends his minions after her.

Through this all, Nate is aware of the dangers Kirsten has put herself into, and would go to great lengths to protect her. Moreover, he’s the only key to reminding Kirsten of her past, and he should do it before her birthday or risk losing her love, because all her powers will soon return to her.

With Kirsten and her friends on the run from murderous humans and creatures even worse than humans, will she be able to accept her destiny and master her powers? In this 1st installment of the Kirsten Kelly Chronicles, Kirsten will discover the secrets behind her own life and family, unraveling the puzzle of the Great Pyramids of Giza and beyond.

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My Take on Kirsten Kelly Chronicles #1

The Mystery of The Gold Coin was a roller-coaster of a ride! The 3 main things I applaud for in this book are:

  • The camaraderie
  • confounding surprises
  • And coffee…(Kirsten and her friends are always up for coffee)

Chrissy is a great storyteller and she knows how to thrill you during reading, doesn’t matter if it’s an action scene or otherwise. She does not shy away from a little bit of excitement and extravagance in her narration. And it’s really contagious, people.

Kirsten was a clearly enthusiastic character and a great investigator. I loved her saucy attitude in the face of danger, and her self-assuredness. I never saw the ‘grand reveal about her past’ coming and I was totally dumbstruck. Chrissy Piccolo has a lot of surprises up her sleeve, and you won’t guess anything out of the main plot. Of that I’m cheerfully positive.

Coming to Nate, he was a love-able guy and really protective of Kelly (in a healthy way). It was so cute to read whenever he became horrified at Kirsten’s unhealthy eating habits. And the way he tried to talk some sense in her about not drinking her coffee with sweet syrup… was hilarious. He and Kirsten clearly shared chemistry and the way their pasts were intertwined was somewhat cliché, yes, but fun to read all the same. After all, it’s the usual tropes and clichés we readers love to fall for.

Moreover, The Mystery of The Gold Coin featured ‘sweet romance’ — yet another thing to root for.

“Never forget that our love transcends time and space. We are soulmates. No matter how long we are apart, time doesn’t matter.”

Manelli and Trevor (and 5+ more villains) were well sketched out too. The enigma around the ‘dark cult’ and ‘the Draco’ was built in such a way that you can feel the creeps and tension reading about them.

There were also a lot of investigations going on in ‘The Mystery of the Gold Coin’; think agents, cult criminals and an intergalactic security force. Fascinating, right?

Another one of the many things I enjoyed in this book was the easy going friendship among Kirsten and her crew. It was like every time after a hard day solving the gold coin case, they simply had to return home for food and coffee and some mindless chatter. This really balanced out the plot-driving scenes (which had a lot of quantitative information and facts that characters brainstormed about) and made this book a relatively light read, despite all the mystery and investigations going on.

However, I think Chrissy Piccolo made us wait a little too long for Egypt where I was excited for the main action to happen. I do understand that this is going to be a series but the unfolding of the story was a tad slow for my taste. Nevertheless, the slow pacing makes this book an excellent cozy mystery you can enjoy on a sunny afternoon lounging lazily on your sofa.

I’d recommend it for fans of detective fiction authors Agatha Christie and Alretha Thomas, and Tamora Pierce (for her strong female protagonists), and anybody looking for a healthy dose of mystery without any graphic violence or dark elements.

Content Triggers

The Mystery of The Gold Coin is appropriate for 15+ ages. Though most of the characters in this book are adults, yet no explicit content is present, and only minor cursing is present.

About The Author Of Kirsten Kelly Chronicles

This project is 23 years in the making. Utilizing experience as a Felony Criminal Investigator for 14 years in the Seattle area working homicide, assault, drug, and robbery cases for both prosecutor and defense, Chrissy Piccolo has created The Kirsten Kelly Chronicles. The Nancy Drew book series played a huge part in shaping Chrissy’s career, as well as television shows like ‘Charlie Angels’, ‘Magnum PI’, police dramas like ‘NYPD’, ‘Third Watch’, and the CSI series. Her love of Science fiction began when she saw Star Wars for the first time- a princess in distress, a handsome hero, and a space saga! Who didn’t want Han Solo and Princess Leia to get together? Her vision for this continuing serial also came from years of watching soap operas, giving her the creativity to write dynamic, strong characters that must overcome obstacles to be together. Through her insight as an Investigator, along with years of watching her favorite television shows and movies, the foundation was set that inspired her to write not only a mystery series but also infuse a romance storyline. Ultimately, she is a fan and writes with fans always foremost in her mind. The Kirsten Kelly Chronicles introduces Kirsten Kelly, a new kind of heroine for the 21st Century.

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