September 22, 2023
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Lucky Roby 42 by Stephen Wunderli: A Feel Good story

Author: Stephen Wunderli

Genre: Teens – Fiction

Year Published: 2021

Nerdection Rating: Nerdection Worth to read

A town called Lucky Roby 42. What would be the story behind its name? Ever wondered what would happen if 42 people in a small town pooled their money together and bought a lottery ticket? What are the odds of all 42 of them winning? And what would you think of a town where all 42 of them win lottery tickets? Lucky town, right?

Well, Mickey too, is there with his family for that type of luck!

Spoiler-Free Plot:

Lucky Roby 42 is a middle-grade book written by Stephen Wunderli. The book tells the story of two boys Mickey and Deon. The story starts when Mickey, his sister, and their parents are going to Roby, Texas from Norman. Mickey’s father thought that Roby must be a lucky town and they should try their luck thereafter he lost his job in Norman.

Mickey wanted to stay in Norman because he was on his way to a state championship and a wrestling scholarship to Oklahoma University. But he ended up joining the school of Roby. Often, he saw a boy who wore binoculars and was seeing something from afar. He later came to know that the binocular boy, whom everyone called the mechanical boy, is his class fellow. The mechanical boy was named Deon. His father was among the 42 people who bought the lottery ticket. Deon has muscular dystrophy, but he is a brilliant kid who can solve all the mathematical questions.

Mickey goes to the school’s coach to join the wrestling team. He works hard and soon starts telling others about wrestling techniques. Once he saw two bullies bullying Deon. He wrestled and fought with the two boys. He was then ordered to come to the principal’s office. The principal asks him to collaborate with Deon and sends him to his Math teacher for further talk.

The math teacher tells Mickey about a robot competition and how Mickey should team up with Deon. Mickey agrees. But Deon doesn’t. Deon thinks that Mickey is after him so that Deon may complete his homework. They both meet and talk but Deon doesn’t want a friend. Mickey again goes to Deon’s home. Soon they start developing a friendship.

The friendship quickly starts bringing positivity to Deon and Mickey. They start developing a robot.

Will they be able to win the competition? How will their fate change and surprise them? Read the book to find out more.

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My Take on This Book:

Lucky Roby 42 was a quick and easy read for me. The story was simple and descriptive and the environment of the book was almost..gray. Like there was some sort of sadness or emptiness in the town.

The main characters were brilliant and their friendship was remarkable. I also loved their dialogues and how they talk with each other playfully. Mickey and his sister had great dynamics and I liked how both of them talked about their days and thoughts with each other.

Deon was a remarkable character having impressive intelligence and his love for learning was extraordinary.

The writer did an amazing job of developing the story, the atmosphere, and the characters. But the story lacked depth. It was a little less readable from certain points. It is a great read for middle graders. But for adults, this book may seem a little depth less and abrupt. But it is still a great read.

If you love to read about friendships and them building their dreams, then you would certainly enjoy this book.

My take on this book: 4/5

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About the Author of Lucky Roby 42

Stephen Wunderli is the former director of Writers at Work in Park City, Utah. His books for children and young adults have been published by Familius, Black Rose, and Henry Holt & Co. Two of his books: The Heartbeat of Halftime, and Blue Between the Clouds, were nominated as Best Books of the Year by the American Library Association. Lucky Roby 42 is his third book for young adults and is based on a true event.

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