December 8, 2023
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DELOS – The Moon’s Eye
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DELOS – The Moon’s Eye by Blake Miller: Great storytelling still reigns supreme

Author: Blake Miller

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

Nerdection Must Read”

In the second book of this epic fantasy series, climaxes and anticlimaxes once again abound, keeping you engrossed in the narrative as the magical universe grows even greater, the adventure even more thrilling, and the secrets even more intriguing.

Spoiler-free Plot

This recently released book is the sequel to Blake Miller’s book The White Tree, which was released a year ago, and it tells the story of the twins Cynthia and Kaden, who have a very special role to play in this urban fantasy setting as the world they thought they knew grows larger and more mysterious. The story is set in a world that combines elements of both the real world and the fantastical.

In the second book in the series, they learn that the Lil of Lurkur has gone missing, and it is up to the twins, along with Alec and an unexpected ally, to find and to do the rescue. But because they are required to complete the Quest of Six Waters, they quickly realize that there are many more challenges ahead of them…

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My take on DELOS – The Moon’s Eye

The second book is always a very difficult challenge because you have to build on what you did in the previous book while also making things better. This presents a challenge that is very difficult to overcome. You have to move the tale along, and you have to do it in a way that makes sense with what has come before. This is something that a lot of authors seem to struggle with, so it’s important that you pay attention to it.

In this regard, Blake Miller expands substantially upon the lore and the universe that he established in The White Tree. He also provides a significant amount of additional character development for both Cynthia and Kaden. They are taking a great deal more initiative now that they have a clearer idea of where they stand and what they are doing, which is very beneficial to the process of developing a connection with these two characters.

Additionally, it is essential to emphasize that Miller is making progress with his writing abilities, and that accomplishment alone is deserving of recognition. He is getting sharper, knowing when to hit an ideal spot with a scene, and the descriptions of the many various fantasy components that the novel has are presented in a way that is highly exciting for the reader.

In general, this is a really powerful sequel that delivers on the promise of the conclusion of the original one and does it with personality, character, and a clear knowledge of what works and doesn’t work in storytelling. Overall, this is a solid sequel. In addition to that, it is propelled by two protagonists who are both powerful and captivating.

About The Author Of DELOS – The Moon’s Eye

Blake Miller is a graduate of Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA and Rhodes College in Memphis TN. He currently resides in his hometown of Lexington, KY, where he is hard at work on Book 3 in the DELOS series.

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