December 8, 2023
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DELOS – The White Tree by Blake Miller: A solid start to a brilliant series

Author: Blake Miller

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Year Published: 2021

Nerdection Rating:

Nerdection Must Read”

DELOS – The White Tree by Blake Miller is the first book in this Epic fantasy series that was published 2021.

Spoiler-free Plot

The White Tree is the first of a book series written by author Blake Miller and it tells the story of the twins Cynthia Summers and Kaden Krossway. However, they have something very different from your average twins: they have different parents, they come from different countries (Cynthia is from England and Kaden from the United States) and one of them is black and the other one is white. So how come they’re twins?

All of this is understood by the time of their 16th birthday, as both girls find out that they are part of something way bigger than themselves; a world filled with magic, dark creatures, and a battle they have to wage for survival. And the real reason behind why they lived the lives they had…

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My take on DELOS – The White Tree

The prologue of The White Tree really got it going for me. Miller knows how to tell a story and set up the elements to get the main plot threads going, which is very important in the first book of a series, and that adds to the allure of The White Tree.

Both Cynthia and Kaden are very good characters and they balance each other out quite well. As main characters, I think you have quite a good understanding of who they are before they are thrown into this urban fantasy world and you also start to develop a bond with them before that happens.

In that regard, despite being a book almost five hundred pages long, it is a very easy read and the elegant writing style doesn’t feel heavy or pretentious, which is always a great thing. The story flows with ease and you get a very good sense of the world Miller is trying to create, which is a very important part in fantasy.

Overall, without giving a lot of spoilers away, I have to say that this was a very solid entry to this book series and it succeeds with a very key role, which is leaving you wanting more.

About The Author Of DELOS – The White Tree

Blake Miller

Blake Miller is a graduate of Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA and Rhodes College in Memphis TN. He currently resides in his hometown of Lexington, KY, where he is hard at work on Book 3 in the DELOS series.

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