December 8, 2023
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Loden's Children
Book Reviews Thriller

Loden’s Children By Paul Chandler an exciting and suspenseful read from start to finish

Author: Paul Chandler

Genre: Action Thriller

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

The year 2022 saw the release of Paul Chandler’s novel, Loden’s Children. The story revolves around the tragic loss of Loden’s three children in a house fire.

The Lodens hire private investigator Riley Callen to help them find answers about where their kids went. What she discovers is considerably larger and more perilous than she had anticipated.

Spoiler-free plot

Two worried parents search for their missing kids after a fire incident occurs in their home. The couple’s initial instinct, as any parent would, is to hunt for their missing children. They sense something is wrong as they make their way to the kids’ room. There were no signs of children anywhere in or around the residence. They had no idea if they made it out of the fire alive. A case is opened and the search for Loden’s children begins. After twenty years, no new information has emerged that could help solve the case. They lament their loss at first, thinking they perished in the blaze, but eventually, they realize that something unusual occurred.

Until Vera Loden contacts private investigator Riley Callen, the crime remains unsolved. Riley and a remarkable AI, Molly work on the investigation and make progress, uncovering secrets that raise suspicion about what happened to the kids after they disappeared. With her keen mind and courage, she delves deeper into a mystery involving weird happenings and some very dangerous characters, leading to a darker turn in the plot. Riley, a private investigator who specializes in finding missing people, realizes that some forces will do anything to keep the secrets of the night of the fire hidden, and she ultimately faces evil in the process of solving the case. What she uncovers eventually is extensively larger in scope and more perilous than she had envisaged. The story’s realism and the likeability of its characters make it simple to empathize with those who find themselves in an intolerable predicament.

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My take on Loden’s Children

Paul Chandler’s Loden’s Children is an exciting and suspenseful read from start to finish. It’s such a compelling and intricate tale that I couldn’t put the book down for days on end. Those who enjoy suspenseful stories will love this.

Every page, every character, and every plot twist in this novel demonstrates the author’s mastery of the thriller genre. He has an exquisite way with words and can spin a tale like no other. Chandler’s manner of writing is both engaging and wholly original. His crafty methods and unexpected turns of events keep the reader guessing. He’s the one who ups the stakes and provides all the exciting new developments. His unique style of writing never fails to amuse. Making it very hard to put the book down. Like Riley, the characters created by Chandler are likable and up for an adventure. The readers will come to root for her because she is a strong, capable lady.

Paul Chandler’s Loden’s Children is a pleasant thriller that also has a grounded realism. It is simply amazing! The author is a master storyteller whose work is truly remarkable. The story’s secondary characters are well-developed as well, and it features intriguing ideas. The pacing of this novel is excellent, the characters are compelling, the plot is believable, and the action sequences are exciting. Every reader will find something arousing to get lost in and engaged in Loden’s Children’s fascinating narrative world since it is full of vivid world-building and gripping action sequences. Another thing I liked about this book was how well Chandler balanced the novel’s various elements of action and suspense.

Paul Chandler’s Loden’s Children is a fun read, and it deserves all five stars I’m giving it. In other words, go for it!

About The Author Of Loden’s Children

Paul Chandler

Paul Chandler wants to tell you a story. It’ll be original. He’ll tell it with pace. He’ll introduce you to memorable characters, interesting tech, and high-stakes legal battles.

He grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, but moved west as a teenager. He now lives at the HAVEN (it’s a house, but he likes to nickname things) in Northern California.

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