September 22, 2023
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Award-Winning Horror Novelist Brian James Gage Unveils His Debut AI-Generated Graphic Novel Series: The Nosferatu Conspiracy

The Nosferatu Conspiracy

Book NerdectionLos Angeles, CA, Oct 4, 2023 – Acclaimed novelist Brian James Gage launches his groundbreaking AI-generated graphic novel series, The Nosferatu Conspiracy. This graphic serial is based on his trilogy of horror novels of the same name, which have garnered critical acclaim and won multiple awards. The trilogy is now reborn as an epic graphic novel serialization that promises to captivate readers with its rich storytelling and innovative AI-generated artwork.

From Bestselling Novels to a Graphic Novel Series

Originally known for his horror novels, Gage garnered an audience with his self-released novel The Sleepwalker, the first installment of The Nosferatu Conspiracy trilogy. The novel exposed the historical cover-up of Rasputin’s paranormal coup d’etat, when the tsar’s infamous advisor summoned ancient vampires that destroyed Saint Petersburg and the Romanov Dynasty in 1916. The Sleepwalker hit Amazon Kindle in March 2020 and went on to sell 20,000 copies exclusively on the Amazon platform. Subsequently, the novel won seven prestigious Best Horror awards, including the silver medal in the 2021 Benjamin Franklin Award and the top honor at the 2021 Independent Press Awards.

Following the success of The Sleepwalker, Gage’s equally spine-tingling second novel, The Sommelier, revealed Kaiser Wilhelm’s true, supernatural motivations for entering World War I, earning multiple starred reviews and four Best Horror nods, including the coveted title of Best Horror Novel at the 2023 Independent Press Awards. The epic final to the trilogy, The Last Seraph, will be released in late 2024.

A Transition to Graphic Novel Serialization with the Use of AI

Setting a trailblazing precedent, Brian James Gage is reimagining his haunting trilogy into an ambitious graphic novel serialization that will span an estimated thirty volumes upon completion. In a daunting artistic endeavor, Gage has set out to create the entire graphic novel series by himself with only the use of AI and Photoshop.

Introducing Volume One: Lady of the Loch

The journey begins on October 4, 2023, with the release of The Nosferatu Conspiracy volume one: Lady of the Loch. In this graphic rendition of the first three chapters of The Sleepwalker, a mysterious young woman with amnesia pulled from a legendary lake in the Carpathian Mountains is discovered to be Princess Alix of Hesse, future empress of Russia. Russian aristocrats prepare to welcome a vampiric messiah who will depose Tsar Nicholas and unleash darkness across Europe. Readers will be drawn into a macabre and enthralling narrative, eerily illustrated by Gage’s AI-generated artwork.

Praise for The Nosferatu Conspiracy Trilogy:

  • “A rising star amongst the best Gothic Horror authors.” — BookViral Reviews
  • “Brian James Gage is a creative genius and his work is splendid.” — Hollywood Book Reviews, starred review.
  • “[A] dark masterwork… a grand-scale storytelling tour de force.” — Blue Ink Review, starred review.

About Brian James Gage

Brian James Gage is an award-winning author known for his action-based horror novels and punchy storytelling. With the release of his first graphic novel, Gage continues to push the boundaries of his craft, seeking to entertain and thrill readers with new and captivating narratives. In addition to writing, Gage is an aspiring classical pianist studying at the French Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles.

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