December 8, 2023
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Rise Of Ancients
Book Reviews Thriller

Rise Of Ancients: A Unique Modern-Day Greek Mythology Tale

Author: Allen Rebot

Genre: Thriller

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

For the Greek mythology fanatics, Allen Rebot has written an impeccable contemporary adventure thriller named Rise of Ancients. The amalgam of modern-day Chicago where one of the Greek Gods is going to wreak havoc together with a phenomenal storyline will ultimately leave you fleet-footed!

Spoiler-Free Plot:

What are the odds that someone gets bushwhacked after opening an ancient sarcophagus? Though the possibilities are rare, nonetheless there. 

Melissa’s life ends when she opens a sarcophagus and a potent figure takes her Essence to make himself strong. This figure is none other than Hades, the God of death himself. Hades have spent a whopping two thousand years in this sarcophagus buried by his siblings. Now accidentally woken up, Hades is ready to retaliate against the wrong-doers. Not only that, he wants his dead lover to come back to his side, and he will do it by using a powerful ritual. But first, he has to make himself strong. Because you need a ton of energy after spending two thousand years in a sarcophagus.

Matt, deeply in love with Maddison, was shaken to the core when his wife left him for her new lover. But his life took a strange turn of events when he started working for his wife’s lover. You may think that’s the least bad thing that could happen to Matt. Well, No! After toppling a crime scene, and encountering zombies, Matt experiences his life like never before.

Going on a venture with Greek Gods, and finding a new family within them, Matt’s life has changed forever.

Will Hades be able to resurrect his one true love? In this battle between the Greek Gods, who is going to win? Will Matt be able to win against the God of Death? But most importantly, why does Matt fight a battle against the God of Death in the First place? Filled with rip-roaring revenge and ruination, Rise of Ancients is surely going to capture your mind!

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My Take On The Rise Of Ancients:

Have you ever read a story that seems insanely enthralling, so you set your expectations high, but you are blown off because the story has still exceeded all of your expectations? Yes, this book right here my friend, Has done that to me.

The story starts with Melissa who is going to open a sarcophagus. WRONG! The story does not start from here! The story starts when a child befriends a lizard and is excited to have a lizard friend. Shocked?

The writer has intertwined the story of Hades and Matt with the story of a young boy befriending a lizard. The innocence of the child, how he treated the lizard, and its consequences were interesting to read. After every chapter, the writer told a little part of the child’s story. And I waited for the chapter to finish so that I could read the boy’s story.

Now back to Melissa opening a sarcophagus, the atmosphere of the scene was so spellbinding, that I got goosebumps. I loved how the writer made us watch the modern world from the eyes of Hades. The way he got to know what streets, trains, and other modern equipment were extraordinaire. I also guiltily enjoyed the scenes where he took the Essence of several people to make himself strong, the descriptive nature of these scenes engraved visual images in my mind, and let me tell you, those were horrific! Only a talented writer can write hair-raising scenes like these!

Though the book is filled with several characters, I did not hate any of them except maybe Candace. But thank God she was there for a handful of chapters only. I was empathic toward Lindsey. Though she wanted to teach Hades how to make his army of dead more powerful, from the inside she was a girl who only needed love. I felt sorry for her in several scenes while reading Rise of Ancients.

Matt and Kevin were a great team and their bickering and banter was complementing their friendship. I wanted to read entire chapters of them bantering and funning. I also loved their combat and action scenes. They breathed a new life into the story. The interaction between the Greek Gods and the humans was exceptional. Being a fan of Greek mythology myself, I enjoyed Rise of Ancients very much. The battle between Zeus, Hermes, and Hades was one of my favorites. I also loved reading about Artemis as I am one of her huge fans. Lewis and Aurora were one of my favorite side characters too. Their final scene was very touching and outstanding. The final battle and the tension build-up as the battle approached were breathtaking. I was reading the last pages rather fast, thanks to the hooking plot and detailed descriptions.

And the ending of the book! Ahh, it makes you scream silently from the inside! It leaves you begging for more of the story!

Overall, I loved reading Rise of Ancients. It was interesting, fluff-free, and plot-driven. The switching of POV in the chapters between Hades and Matt made this story more engaging.

Age Appropriation of Rise of Ancients:

16+ due to graphic violence.

About The Author Of Rise of Ancients

ALLEN G. REBOT is a lover of whiskey, wine, and well written words. Born in the quaint town of Chicago, he attended the only school within a day’s horse ride, Northeastern Illinois University, to receive his first degree. To break free from the thriving local beaver trade, he ventured to the distant school of Colorado Technical University for his MBA in Human Resource Management. In 2022 he married the love of his life, and now enjoys hiding love notes to his beautiful wife around the house and within his writing.

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