December 8, 2023
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The Grisha Trilogy
Fantasy Series Review

The Grisha Trilogy-The Best Fantasy Trilogy Out There

We have exciting news for the fans of Six of Crows duology. If you loved worldbuilding in Six of Crows, and want to read some other book with the same environment, the Grisha Trilogy is for you! Written by Leigh Bardugo, Grisha Trilogy is a Young Adult Fantasy series that has just the right amount of every element for you to enjoy! 

Introduction To The Author

Born on April 6, 1975, Leigh Bardugo is one of the most famous writers for YA Fantasy.  

The Grisha Trilogy is written by Leign Bardugo. She is well known for crafting a magical world known as the Grishaverse. She is the number 1 New York Times Best-selling author of Ninth House.

Her books include The Grisha Trilogy, Six of Crows Duology, King of Scars duology, Alex Stern Duology, The Language of Thorns, and the Life of Saints.

Grisha Trilogy

The Grisha Trilogy, also known as the Shadow and Bone Trilogy, tells the story of a young soldier girl named Alina who discovers that she has rare magical abilities.

The series has the following three books:

  1. Shadow and Bone 
  2. Siege and Storm 
  3. Ruin and Rising 

Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone is the first book in the Grisha Trilogy.

Alina is a junior cartographer in the King’s Army. Mal is Alina’s childhood friend and is a professional tracker. They are going to pass through Shadow Fold and are preparing for it. Shadow Fold is an area of absolute darkness where different creatures lurk and it is said that no one has arrived alive from the Shadow Fold.

While crossing the Fold, a large flock of dangerous creatures named Volcra attack the ship. When Mal is critically wounded by the Volcra, Alina unknowingly releases strange powers and sends the volcra away with a burst of light. 

It is discovered that Alina is a Sun Summoner. She is brought before the Darkling who is the ruthless and powerful commander of the Grisha army. 

The Darkling is a living amplifier, and his touch makes Alina’s power stronger. The Darkling declares Alina is Grisha, who are elite soldier with the ability to control matter. 

The Darkling sends Alina to Ravka’s capital under his protection to begin training. Alina’s abilities are unique, comparable only to the Darkling, who is a Shadow Summoner and the most powerful Grisha to ever live. 

The Darkling tells Alina that together, they can destroy the Shadow Fold and save Ravka. As they arrive at Rav ka’s capital city, Os Alta, Alina is thrust into a world of decadence, power, and royalty. Not only that, but Alina also discovers a world full of scams, twists, and lies.

Will she and Darkling destroy the Fold? What happened to Mal? Will Alina ever become a known Grisha rather than an outcast? Read the book to find out more!

Siege and Storm

Siege and Storm is the second book of the Grisha Trilogy.

The Darkling has emerged from Shadow Fold with a dangerous plan to expand the Shadow Fold and rule the world.

Alina and Mal make it to the nation of Novyi Zem but are quickly captured by the Darkling and his Grisha soldiers, who put them aboard another ship. 

This ship is captained by a Ravkan privateer named Sturmhond and his crew. The Darkling is looking for the sea whip, a second amplifier, and he forces Mal to track the beast. Amplifiers amplify the powers of Grisha. However, Sturmhond regains the power of his ship, and Alina and Mal escape. When they are safe, Sturmhond tells them he and his crew are working for someone who outbid the Darkling.

Alina chooses to be fitted with the sea whip’s scales, which amplifies her power. She learns that there’s also a third amplifier, a firebird. She determines to retrieve it, but her hunt is delayed as Sturmhond reveals he is the Ravkan prince, Nikolai Lantsov, in disguise. Nikolai needs Alina to help him become King of Ravka and he wants her to become his queen.

Will Alina become his queen? What is Darkling planning? What will happen to Alina and Mal? Read the book to find out more!

Ruin and Rising

The capital of Ravka has fallen and Darkling has become the ruler. Alina must destroy the Darkling by hunting for a third amplifier to amplify her powers.

Alina will have to develop new alliances and put aside old feuds as she and Mal race to find the last of Morozova’s amplifiers. But as she begins to untangle the Darkling’s secrets, she reveals a past that will forever change her understanding of the bond they share and the power she wields. The firebird is the one thing that stands between Ravka and destruction, claiming it could cost Alina the very future she’s battling for.

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My Take On The Series

First of all, I adore Alina so so much. She’s far from the perfect heroine, and for that, I love her for it. In the first book, she’s very naïve (though I loved her sarcasm). Since, though, she was forced to grow up, she continually fights through so many weaknesses. Her arc is one of the most satisfying ones I’ve read in YA books.

Mal is a nice and down-to-earth guy and I could understand every single one of his actions. Mal was also ready to sacrifice himself to save their world.

The Darkling is just one of those amazing villains I love to hate and despite everything he’s done there is still something good in him. His power and age made him ruthless and caused him to be detached from the world around him, but deep down in his heart, he isn’t really bad. He’s everything a villain should be: cruel, cunning, calculating, ambitious, ruthless, and misguided.

The writing style has gotten better as the series has concluded. I wasn’t a huge fan of the writing in Shadow and Bone, but I feel like I can see it approaching Six of Crows level in this book.

I liked the concept of the world. It was, of course, based mainly on the Russian setting and mythology, but with a nice magical, fantastic twist. I appreciated the whole world-building, the mapping of the locations, and the accuracy of the date of an imaginary world. That’s what I love from authors to make up their little worlds – to convince me to believe in their world.

The series was filled with action, mystery, and suspense from the very start till the end to hook the readers.

Though the plot of all three books is similar, the series is one of the must-reads for every book reader out there!

Content Warning

Some of the content warnings for the Grisha Trilogy are kidnapping, violence, verbal threats, animal cruelty, bodily harm, sexual violation, and war.

Age Appropriation

The Grisha Trilogy is suitable for people aged 14 and up.

Similar Books

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