September 30, 2023
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Adventure Book Reviews SCI-FI


Author: Raymond Graf

Genre: Science Fiction Adventures

Year Published: 2021

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Good Read”

Are you searching for a good book and want something different on your to-be-read list? We will help you find what you are just looking for. If you are a sci-fi lover and wish to explore more of this genre, then this is your lucky day! Today, we are reviewing Treezz, a science fiction narrative about safeguarding the forest and the ecosystem around us that reminds us how fragile our existence is—and how significant of an impact we can make.

It is an eco-thriller that captures your attention from the start, delivering a compelling and frequently unsettling plot supported by a thought-provoking narrative with suspense and intrigue that keeps readers in no doubt about the stakes. It is a story that blends the borders between reality and imagination to depict how we impact our environment in potentially hazardous and devastating ways. Treez is an addictive read and a refreshing original that deserves a spot on your bookshelves and is highly recommended.

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About the Book:

Treezz by Ray Graf is a science-fiction fantasy novel based on the interaction of trees with nature and humans. The trees have been serving humanity for a long time and have been a source of medication and shelter for humans. But have these benefits been mutual or just one-sided? Well, as per our observation, they are mostly one-sided.

This book is all about the feelings and emotions of the trees towards humans. According to the trees, not all human beings are special and worthy enough of their insights. The story revolves around the life of a renowned Philanthropist, Robert. He manages to build up a successful team of highly skilled biologists pursuing the cause of providing free medications worldwide. A cause that makes the team come under a lot of trouble and challenges, attracting the attention of some high-end magnates with conflicting views. The trees are one step forward than all the humans and know how to save themselves from their wrath.

The novel deals with the current world’s challenges, with the intelligent Treezz deciding to collaborate alongside humans to oppose humanity’s materialism and desire for environmental degradation, which threatens their survival. The Treezz’s representatives, Jerimiah Simpson and Becca Carlsbad collaborate with rich entrepreneur twins Robert and Elaina McAlister, who have assembled a team of scientists to develop free herbal remedies and construct environmental conservation zones to safeguard the Treezz. They create relationships while antagonizing companies.

The positive aspect of this novel is the emotions and the way the storyline revolves around the most important factor of today’s world, the lack of humanity. It is a story filled with entertaining and adventurous scenes for the readers. Anyhow, we can connect to some aspects of the storyline, such as the materialistic campaign against humanity and how goodness still thrives in our society. I really hope to have such a positive thing in today’s era. The food insecurities and lack of proper medicines at affordable prices have made people dependent and, at the same time, inhumane.

This eco-fantasy is a treat for its ideas about how nature and humanity may coexist. Its caution through sensitive non-humans is similar to The Day the Earth Stood Still. The cast of characters is well-developed, and the years of the story flow well. The author blends the author’s love and amazement of nature around the economic and social realities of the human world, those who work on behalf of the natural environment, and those who do not reflect the good and evil in business activities. In this very enjoyable narrative, competition, greed, and collaboration play a role.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I would rate this book 3 out of 4 stars because of the little redundancy or over-exaggeration of the plot in some places. No such slang language was used in the book, which would trigger concerns about its readership.

The recommended audience for this book would be adults who know about the same gender’s sexual interests and are okay with mentioning it. Young science students will also enjoy reading this book as it has a lot of knowledge to grasp. It would be a good read for someone who regards humanity as the finest virtue and has the deepest love for nature. Happy Reading!

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