December 8, 2023
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Eye of the Stormlord by Laurel Colless

Author: Laurel Colless

Genre: Middle-grade Science Fantasy

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

Eye of the Stormlord by Laurel Colless is a science fantasy published in the year 2022. This story is filled with amazing descriptions of ecology through a fusion of science intellect and mystery.

Spoiler-Free Plot

Welcoming all new initiates to spiral hall, an eco-intelligence invitation-only school for the most eco-demically gifted, president Buchanan, who is never seen but only heard gives the welcoming speech and prepares the new initiates for their first test in orientation. The initiates are required to take a fetor smell test, which is administered by agent Etheron, the wind agent, to enable them to know their enemy. Present at the spiral hall are all the initiates, the spiral knights, which are more advanced students who have passed through all the stages of the spiral hall and have been certified as knights to help protect the school against Anthrogs, (nature warriors), the school’s number one enemies.

Also, present, are the mentors who are to guide the new initiates to gradually be accustomed to the spiral hall, to further become skilled and certified enough to become spiral knights to push further in their fight against the nature warriors, and among these mentors is agent Fleur.

Peter blue, an eleven-year-old young lad, who happens to be one of the initiates, was of the impression that his father, Byron Blue, one of GAIA’s topmost agents died five years ago in the same fire that took his mum’s life, but he comes across new knowledge that proves otherwise. Being invited to the spiral hall served as both an escape and a privilege for him to investigate his father’s whereabouts through the help of agent Fleur, his father’s trusted friend, and GAIA’s second top agent.

It is only when he comes to spiral hall that he discovers that he is more than just an eleven-year-old boy looking for his father, that his future has been written since before time.

“As worldly order wrench apart

His power comes from strength of heart

A legendary light that stuns

With the power of eleven suns”

Peter is suddenly burdened with trying to prove himself capable of being a spiral knight, finding his father, and saving spiral hall from the nature warriors. He is faced with multiple challenges both external and internal, but through the help of his newfound BF, he must find a way. But can he?

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My Take on Eye of the Stormlord

This is not your usual writing on ecology. If you find books on ecology or nature boring to read, I can guarantee you that this particular story would keep you interested and wanting more. The writer’s description of ecology with a mix of science, fantasy, and mystery is captivating, to say the least. This particular piece has something for every genre infused in it.

The story has a deeper meaning than just the use of science fantasy and search mystery, it tells us how we as humans pollute the environment and how that pollution can in turn become a threat to us, it also tells us how we can also use the environment to our own advantage.

I think the reader would enjoy reading this piece because, in all, this is a master piece.

Also, science nerds are definitely not left out because this story shows the relationship between science and the environment, but it is expressed in a fun and interesting concept.

About The Author Of Eye of the Stormlord

Laurel Colless

Australian-New Zealand children’s author Laurel Colless grew up with books as her friends. Always a fan of adventure stories with twists, Laurel reverts to her eleven-year-old self when writing the Peter Blue books, a science fantasy series where a group of young friends solve big world problems and battle the evil foes of climate change. A literary comparatist by education, Laurel spent 25 years working in environmental business and journalism in Asia, the US and Europe, before coming back to writing. She is the founder of the Carbon Busters Club, a kids’ climate-science adventure program that combines storytelling and dramatic arts with science education. In 2013, Laurel Colless became an Al Gore Climate Reality Leader.
When Laurel is not writing or busting carbon, she likes reading, watching movies, forest walking with her dog (and sometimes even her cat!) and spending time with her teenage daughters. She is a fan of rugby, golf, tennis, yoga, and swimming in the sea (not with her cat).
After living on four continents, Laurel now makes her home in Helsinki with her Finnish husband, their two daughters, a wiryhaired dachshund and a rescue cat.
Eye of the Stormlord is the first book in her upper middle-grade science fantasy series.

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