September 30, 2023
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Inhuman Soul
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Inhuman Soul- A Powerful Unforgettable Horror Read For You

Author: Sandra Lynn Williamson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

book nerdection must read

The inhuman soul is a dark horror romance written by Sandra Lynn Williamson. It was published on December 25, 2022. We really enjoyed diving into this book and guarantee that you will too!

Spoiler-Free Plot:

Inhuman soul tells the adventures of Riley Black and Killian O’Connor in solving a murder case.

Riley Black has bought Beach Rock, a Victorian mansion on the Oregon Coast. She wants to restart her life there. When she arrives, she thinks that she has seen a person getting hurt by her truck. She panics, stops her truck, and looks below her it, but to her surprise, there is no one there. She goes into the Beach Rock mansion and finds a stranger in her new house.

That stranger is Killian, who was there to look into anything that may help him get a theory of what happened.

Some years ago, the owner of Beach Rock, Valerie Grayson was killed viciously. No one knew the cause of death, but her daughter was considered a prime suspect. However Her daughter, Abigail Grayson has been in a coma since then.

Denver O’Connor, Killian’s cousin, had hired Killian to investigate the case so that Abigail would be cleared of the charges. Denver believed that the house was haunted and some ghost had killed Valerie. Denver went weekly to check on Abigail in the hospital. But when he Went this time, he saw Abigail’s vitals fluctuating. So he harried to call a nurse. To His surprise the electricity went out and when he was able to go and see Abigail again, she was gone. Denver believed that Abigail had been kidnapped by someone.

Although Killian was ordered by law not to go to Beach Rock, he still wants to investigate the case and find the truth. When he tells Riley about the murder in Beach Rock, she is horrified. Will he and Riley be able to solve the case? Who kidnapped Abigail and is the house really haunted? Who was the man Riley saw being hurt by her truck? Read this extraordinary horror romance to find out more!

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My Take On the Inhuman Soul:

First of all, I want to admire how Sandra Lynn created an atmosphere of mystery from the very first page. I was instantly devoured by the elements of horror, mystery, and anticipation in the Inhuman Soul. The way the writer was successful in crafting magic through her words has a uniqueness to it.

The writing style was engaging. Together the environment and writing style created such an awesome story that is unforgettable. The use of thunderstorms, lightning, and rain depicted an image in my mind and I was able to visualize everything.

The horror elements of this book were enough and can make a reader sweat about what is going to happen next. The dialogues and characters were all the best and second to none.

I specifically liked Killian’s character. He was a courageous, protective, caring, and intelligent person. He was willing to go to extremes to save Riley and solve the case. Sandra wrote about Killian’s features so splendidly that I can still visualize him.

Though Riley was not better than Killian, she was not worse than him too. She was equally mesmerizing, brave, and smart. She was also willing to go to extremes and fight evil. They both were mirror images of each other.

The romance in this book was also slow, sweet, and swoon-worthy. As this was a horror book, only giving chunks of romance elements without making it the whole ploy made this book amazing. 

The fighting and all the action in this book were easily one of the best I have read in a while. The way the story started and went smoothly without any fluff and filler was great. The story also wrapped up nicely without leaving anything in the air.

If you are into dark horror or action, you should read this book. Hell, if you are into reading, this book is pure bliss to read!

Content Warning:

Killing, suicide, violence, blood, evil possession, and abuse.

Age Appropriation:


About the Author of Inhuman Soul

Sandra Lynn Williamson

Sandra Lynn Williamson has written romance since her first romance writer’s conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2000. She had won a scholarship to attend after writing the letter to apply from the point of view of her main character. 

In 2007 her first book, Leather and Lace was released by Ellora’s Cave. Body Candy was released in 2008, and then G Spot, her contribution to the Carnal Reunions anthology for Resplendence Publishing. 

Sandra  currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona and has a great love for the outdoors and her pets. She adores wildlife, outdoor photography, and traveling to Alaska is definitely on her bucket list in the near future. 

In 2009, after a vivid nightmare, Sandra began writing Inhuman Soul. It languished in her computer drive for over 13 years. After a long writing hiatus she has completed and released Inhuman Soul.

Sandra is currently working on book two of Inhuman Soul and her next release will be a romantic suspense set in Alaska.

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