September 22, 2023
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The Elements of Time An Exciting Journey into a Magical World

Author: Sam Paisley

Genre: Sci-FiFantasy

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

If you love fantasy and adventure, you must read The Elements of Time. Follow two high school friends into a world rich with intrigue and surprise. It is a book you can read anywhere and anytime and meant for those who love fantasy and adventure.

The Elements of Time is about two young friends waiting to enter the world of real-life concerns. But they were snatched into a world of fantasy on an urgent request for help. A plea they can’t refuse.

In mortal danger, far from home, these two young friends must face unimaginable danger. It is not something they were thinking of while waiting to graduate from high school. You will be enchanted right from the first page. Don’t believe me? Check out the review below!

Spoiler-free Summary

While waiting for their school career to come to an end, Cooper and Reid are unexpectedly drawn into a strange world. On a plea for help from a mysterious masked man, they decided to act upon their sense of humanity to assist him.

It isn’t every day that someone from an unknown world asks you to save their world from a dangerous heretic. The story follows Cooper and Reid through an endless series of challenges, near failures, and successes.

We experience desperation with them when they have to fight against the odds. Along with the heroes, you will face dangers and become part of the story without even knowing it. 

The adventures and intrigue of the story will provide you with a unique and fresh perspective from the author’s point of view. The many exciting events in the story will drag you along and make you want to be part of the outcome.

While following this adventure, you will feel the heartache and betrayal of the heroes as if it were your own. Enemies disguised as allies will make the challenges more difficult. You won’t resist becoming emotionally involved in this adventure of treachery in a well-planned plot.

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My Take on The Elements of Time

The story in The Elements of Time takes time to come to closure, which may cause the reader to become bored. But when you get to the end, you will be glad that you stick to it. The author cleverly weaves the story playing out in an unknown world, which turns into an adventure of a lifetime.

The unique humor of the story and the depth of the characters are some of the many reasons I enjoyed reading The Elements of Time. The plot and the characters are cleverly woven into the storyline to give the reader an exciting and stimulating experience.

I was rewarded with a high level of engagement with an unexpected turn of events. The author also weaves the unique magic system cleverly into the storyline while building this interesting fantasy world.

The adventures are anything but normal and thoroughly exciting, drawing you into the story plot. The interesting approach of the author to bring life to the characters and the world is refreshing.

The author kept me captivated throughout the story with DOZENS of interesting twists. The heroes and all the characters in this fantasy adventure come vividly alive and become real in your mind.

Great care and a lot of thought were put into the creation of the world and characters of this fantasy adventure story. The author went to great trouble to give the reader a fantasy story as close as possible to reality.

Anyone who loves to be drawn into a world of fantasy has to read this well-planned fantasy adventure story. It will be difficult to resist finishing the book as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a story that gives you a great new world of adventure, The Elements of Time – The Winds of Change is a must.


Teenagers, young adults, and adults who enjoy sci-fi and action.

About The Author Of The Elements of Time

Sam Paisley was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Driven by a lifelong passion for storytelling, Sam has made it his mission as an author to create worlds and stories that bring joy and escapism to others.
His writing focuses on creating engaging, entertaining, and fun stories that are layered with deep symbolism and themes that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.
Having completed the first entry in his Elements of Time trilogy, he is hard at work on the final two installments.
If you like his work, want to learn more about the series, or find additional content beyond the books, please visit

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