September 22, 2023
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ASCENT – The LIT Series Book 2 by Mark Anthony-The Ever Haunting Unique Lit Saga

Author: Mark Anthony

Genre: Paranormal suspense – horror

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

If you have read Lit by Mark Anthony or are trying to find some new disturbingly horror yet satisfying read, then Ascent by Mark Anthony may be the next best book for you to read. The sequel to the Lit serves and leaves no crumbs, literally. But why should you read Ascent and its first book? Let’s find out!

Spoiler-Free Plot of Ascent:

If you haven’t already read Lit, you should read our take on the first book of this series. And if you have read the book Lit, it is time for you to read the spoiler-free plot of Ascent.

ASCENT – The LIT Series Book 2 starts with Kaylee, a woman running from some evil. She knew that this was her fate all along but her husband changed her world with his optimism. Now her husband was also being held by these evil creatures and Kaylee wanted to fight this evil and save her husband, but she felt hopeless because she had not much choice as to whom she could save and how.

Chelamah knows that Marco is in a world worse than hell where he can’t die, as death is a blessing there. But she has a unique power no one ever has: To call the monster within her that will dominate her and bring Marco his salvation, death. Chelemah knew that after killing Marco, the monster, Wraith would return from that wicked place.

Wraith goes to the wicked world and kills Marco, who was being played with by one of the Leviathans. But here comes the twist: Instead of Wraith returning to the real world, Chelamah is transferred into the wicked world. Will she be able to leave that wicked place or will Leviathans ultimately harm her?

Josh, Ellie, and Sam are back into the real world after suffering in the place worse than hell. But their test isn’t over yet since the world is expanding with people having the same fate as them. Will Josh, Ellie and Sam be able to live normally? What does fate have in store for Chelamah? What will Kaylee choose: Her husband, her life, or someone else’s? Read Ascent to find out more!

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My Take On ASCENT – The LIT Series Book 2 :

Ascent is a great sequel to Lit, I think even better than the prequel. Here’s why:

In the Lit book#1, it takes some time to understand the plot and the horrible creatures, but in this book, readers dive straight into the action the story demands. From page 1, the story is fast-paced enough to keep the readers hooked, yet well-paced in such a way that readers can understand and feel the internal battles and conflicts the characters are going through.

The plot has everything a horror reader roots for, well-developed characters, a clear plot, fast action, the motive, the monstrous creatures, the violence, and an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. The twists of Ascent will leave you with a twisted stomach, but still, you will be yearning for more, because after all, this book is so addictive!

I also really loved the characters and their developmental arcs. We see them at their lowest and how they will rise to the occasion to fight the monsters that haunt them. To see characters at their most vulnerable stats and then observing them slowly becoming courageous is a thing that we all enjoy. We also see that these characters are not black and white, but still, they strive to do the best for themselves and for the people they love and live with.

In short, this book was more interesting, captivating, and thrilling than its prequel and you should definitely read it to experience the raw emotions this book brings. And even if you are unsure of reading this Ascent after all this, just read the first chapter and I assure you, you will be hooked instantly just like i was!


Abuse and violence.



About The Author Of ASCENT – The LIT Series Book 2

Mark Anthony finished the first instalment of the LIT series, whilst working as a registered nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Which at the time tension ran the globe. Everyone felt it. If I was going to write something unsettling, the atmosphere was right.
Residing in Perth, Western Australia, with his partner and 9-year-old son, Anthony is an avid fan of the supernatural and dark fantasy genre specifically and contemporary, dynamic storytelling in general. Displaying a passion, and some may say a talent for writing strong characters and creating macabre realities for them to live in.
LIT is a psychological horror that collides two worlds with raw, eerie and terrifying consequences. When your anger literally raises hell, how do you live?
Anthony is currently working on the third instalment and hopes to continue producing stories that captivate the reader with fully realised characters and original storylines.

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