September 22, 2023
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Magdalena’s Bones By D.D. Did An Enigmatic Saga of Human Origin

Author: D.D. Did

Genre: Historical Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Science-Fiction

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

“Magdalena’s Bones” is a breathtaking saga of human origin and its timeless journey from nothingness to eternity. It unravels the gruesome reality of homo sapiens with overwhelming struggles since their creation.

The fragility of human existence and the journey toward the end of time in the world is always a moment away.

Spoiler-Free Plot:

Lucifer injects and instrumentalizes seeds of evil into every human race and every civilization. Eve, Hawwah is the one who is always in quest of diminishing evil. Eve constantly bigots the seeds of vile evil inside her and then crushed them ravenously.

Being the proponent of mother nature, Hawwah is always in her quest to save mankind but not as a blind sacrificial bait. Rather she emerges as a strong Savior who bolted evil with her clear and prudent scheming to batter away the evil.

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My Take on Magdalena’s Bones:

The storytelling is in 2nd person narrative. Parallel storytelling of the events further enhances the mounted tensions to grab the readers’ imagination blended with surreal twists. Intense imageries and penetrating settings roll up and coil up the dark – the darkness of the evil adversaries – the Serpent crumbles to expedite ominous destruction and end of human existence.

Unlike the Bible and the Quran and other Holy Books, this historical fiction resumes the story of creation in this world and humanity. Humanity was created from a void and nothingness. This resembles the constant existential crisis – we came from nothingness – nowhere. Therefore we fear to cease to be in nothingness. This world is a visible place of the invisible soul’s journey on this earth. Before the creation of Eve, there was no light. Light came with the creation of Eve. Even though Eve is the bearer of human embryos like mother nature, she always in struggles with men. Men don’t acknowledge the contribution of women – they don’t give equal importance to women. Throughout history, women are always trampled away by the menace of men. Women always escalate their grim conditions, rise to save men and stand by to support so that the journey of humanity can continue and flourish.

Traditionally or from orthodox belief, Lucifer is created from fire. But in this novel, Lucifer is created from soil and dirt and is a close accomplice of Gabriel. It is a stark reality that Gabriel is aware of Lucifer’s existence and Eve’s intentions. Gabriel fears the exposure of Hawwah’s intentions, presence, and potential to destroy evil.

Here Hawwah vehemently challenges the false practices of orthodox Christianity and other religions. The rules of religion are about the true meanings of humanity. But the methods, traditions, customs, and rituals of religion are vilified to support the evil intentions and exercises of the preachers, ministers, vicars, and reverends.

Eve rises every time, from the future to the past, and reveals the vivid characteristics of women. A woman who is a bitter-sweet punch to ensure her survival heroically. Women who are not tamed by the label and recognition of the so-called religious purity and virginity. Like Hester Prynne of “The Scarlet Letter”, Eve voices and shatters the vile Orthodox church for its immoral abuse and pretense of virtue.

The novel begins with the portrayal of the grim future of modern man as described in T.S. Elliots’ “The Waste Land”. Every man is an island that propels technology to survive like a mouse in the hole. The moral demise, tablets of survival like Achilles’s heels, poignance, and intention to grow career by unfair means. Now, Eve is sacrilegious – a gaping snake to rise and gain control over evil in every possible way to contain eternity at that point.

The story unfolds with vivid descriptions of nature in a gloomy setting in resemblance with the character’s mind. The story cascades from the unseen future to the present, then the past during “The Great Depression”, the wars of the world dilapidated women and children incessantly, the English Restoration and French Revolution exposing the corrupted church, the wars ad pursuit of Muhammad to eradicated falsehood and establish the reign of truth, proliferation of profane authority, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ for resurrection and treacherous Iscariot, the conflict in the Constantinople and finally the lead to Erewhon – nowhere.

All the main men characters are impatient dreamer, a troublemaker with acute attention to detail, and lacks social skills. These men are in an existential dilemma and they are overturned as Hawwah rises to assert her equal rights and does not worry about imperfections and falsehood like Mary Magdalen, Joan of Arc, and Bedouin women both in the cities and also in the rural settings. All these women are inalienable, brave, and focused in their distant context.

The writer retold the history with the expedition of Hawwah’s vengeance triggered against the traditional crusades that work in allegiance with evil adversaries. The ever-taunted, battered, and shattered issues of gender inequality are intensely voiced because all men and women are created equal. With the creation of Hawwah light came in this world. The luminous presence and existence of Hawwah juxtapose the void practices of the Church and authority. Ironically these authorities are the forms of nothingness and are nullified against the light of Hawwah.

A reader will be enlightened by the enigmatic saga of human origin. Conversely, Hawwah is the symbol of Mother Nature and upholds the light of human existence for time immemorial. Just as Mother Nature preserves the seeds among all oddities of climate change and washes or burns away the towering pillars to control nature, Hawwah rises every time women are bruised by men’s authoritative attempt to overpower her. She reminds us about the root – the source of existence – the light – the reason – the life blood of human existence.

Content Trigger and Recommendations:

This is a book with intense descriptions to make you believe you were present in all the incidents.

It is generally recommended for 18+ and someone who reads crime thriller will enjoy reading this book more.

About The Author Of Magdalena’s Bones

D.D Did: There is much to say about the author D.D. Did. Of course, this is not the writer’s real name, it is a pseudonym, the nom de plume used to hide the novelist’s outward identity. Did is clearly a gifted storyteller, you could say a delightful spreader of untruths, a colorful artist of lies – though without doubt Did is a teller of tales outrageously penned to enthrall you. Did have honed skills to tell you a good story, the ability to hold you, to tantalize you, to lead you down the road Did wishes to take you. In the world of capital journalism and magazine readership, the author of Magdalena’s Bones is an established writer of some note, published in both traditional print and the world wide web. To date, Magdalena’s Bones is the author’s initial venture into fictional full-length writing – though wishing to hide behind the mask of anonymity that creates a welcome barrier for bill-paying projects. The author’s list of credits is long, they are credible, and they are well respected. In time the truth may well be revealed, Did might be exposed for accusatory censure or for the golden grail of plausible plaudit.

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