September 22, 2023
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The Challenge of Choice By Richard Fast – Make Split-Second Decisions Without Regret

Author: Richard Fast

Genre: Non-Fiction / Self-Improvement

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

If you’ve ever wished you could make split-second decisions without regret, you need to read this book by Richard Fast. Life is all about decision-making and once you’ve made a decision, hoping it was the right choice in any particular situation.

The author takes you on a journey to discover why we make those sometimes awfully wrong decisions, especially after we are so sure that the choice we made was the right one.

Bad decision-making can be something of the past, and the author shows you how. Most of humanity is guilty of making bad choices, which we can avoid if we follow the instructions in this book.

Spoiler-free Summary

If you are like most people, you know the feeling of making a bad decision just to find out it was the wrong choice. According to the author, it is part of human nature to make the wrong choice over and over.

Our brains make assumptions every day of our lives to guide us into making different choices. What is interesting is that most of those decisions are made without knowing all the facts.

Also, according to the author, these faulty decisions are not limited to those who have a low IQ. So, regardless of our level of intelligence, humans are prone to making wrong decisions more often than we care to admit.

From the day you start to reason to the day you die, you will make decisions that have no logical value. That is until you read this book: The Challenge of Choice, how to make a good decision when it really matters!

You will find that the book challenges how you think and make decisions from now on. This will be done by taking you on a journey into the basics of how the human mind works.

Real-world examples will help you discover how your brain makes decisions without your conscious self being aware of it. The book will help you discover how to overcome the illusions of ‘feeling right’ that lead to poor choices.

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My Take Away The Challenge of Choice

According to the author, we are merely observers of our subconscious and, subsequently, our lives. If that is the case, then why bother making choices if we will never know for sure what the outcome will be? The author covers all that!

The Challenge of Choice is quite enlightening and sheds a great deal of light on the way we think and decide. After reading this book, making a simple choice will never be the same again.

Second-guessing yourself is not always a good thing, especially when making critical, life-changing choices. But some of the ideas in the book make much more sense when you look back at many of the choices you’ve made.

The author did a lot of research on the subject of unconscious decision-making and is well-versed in the concepts. Everything the author talks about makes sense to the average reader, and the book is well-written and clear.

You will have a much better understanding of the issues regarding decision-making in general. Information about the subject of making important decisions will have quite an impact on those you will make in the future.

The Challenge of Choice will help you understand the way your mind operates and the steps it takes to make final decisions. The simple formulas used in the book to help you make a more informed decision may take some time to get used to.

After reading this book, you won’t make a perfect decision every time, but you will have much better chances of success when using the advice from the book for future decision-making.

The Challenge of Choice by Richard Fast is not an instant solution to bad decisions but rather a long-term remedy. It is a must-read for people with a knack for making bad decisions, which is most of us, honestly.


Young adults and adults interested in bettering their lives through enlightened, empowered decision-making.

About The Author Of The Challenge of Choice

For more than 30 years, Richard Fast has pursued his passion for unraveling the riddle of human behavior to learn how we can take greater control of the hidden forces that shape our lives.

As an entrepreneur, he’s the creator of the board game “MindTrap™ ” and more than 20 other puzzles and games that have sold millions of copies worldwide. He has experienced both sensational success and colossal failure.

However, it’s usually the failures that are life’s greatest teachers. After enduring a string of them – based on horrific decisions – he was determined to discover if there was an identifiable cause or if it was just random luck.

The first thing he realized was that his disastrous decisions were the result of hubris, assumptions, and false confidence rather than analysis, logic, and reason. So, he was intent on finding out if we could actually determine our future by making critical decisions with certainty. This book is the culmination of years of research to answer that question.

Through that search, he discovered what he believes to be the most valuable skill or discipline one can acquire – the ability to follow a sound decision-making formula rather than what feels right. Through personal experience and observation, he has found that not only does the formula work, it’s infallible.

As an ardent researcher, Richard is also deeply immersed in the science of health and longevity. He’s an American Council of Exercise certified trainer, a Health and Wellness coach, and a Weight loss specialist. Through intense research and practical experience in health and wellness, he has discovered how to tap more energy and vitality in his 60s than at any other time in his life.

He lives in Ontario, Canada, with his wife, Michele. They share a mutual passion for health, fitness, and food.

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  • Richard Fast September 13, 2023

    Hi Thalia, I don’t know if this is proper etiquette for the author to comment on your review, but I do want to thank you for taking the time and effort to review the Challenge of Choice. I know a review is a big task so thanks for that. Much appreciated and best regards. Sincerely, Richard

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