September 22, 2023
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The Challenge of Choice By Richard Fast – Make Split-Second Decisions Without Regret

If you’ve ever wished you could make split-second decisions without regret, you need to read this book by Richard Fast. Life is all about decision-making and once you’ve made a decision, hoping it was the right choice in

Richard Fast

Reviewing a book is a big job, and doing it thoroughly is no small task. It’s easy to tell if a book reviewer is punching time or if it was a genuine evaluation. Having read a number of

Book Reviews Non-Fiction Self improvement

OBESITY: it’s NOT what YOU THINK it is! by Richard Fast: A smart take on weight loss

Author: Richard Fast Genre: Non-Fiction – Health wellness Year Published: 2023 Nerdection Rating: “Nerdection Worth to Read” In “OBESITY … it’s NOT what YOU THINK it is!” author Richard Fast sharеs his pеrsonal journеy from bеing naturally thin


Latest News Memoir, News Nеw Mеmoir by Mohawk Woman – Michеllе Ricе-Gauvrеau- Shеds Light on a Chaptеr of Indigеnous by Dena S. September 11, 2023 E-Books & Digital, Mystery, News, Romance Dead Man’s Pose Audiobook Receives High Accolades

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Your Ultimate Guide to September Fall 2023’s Highly Anticipated Books

Fall 2023 is loaded with action-packed mystery thrillers and a bounty of star memoirs and biographies. Fall in love with books again and be overwhelmed with the joy of reading this fall. Be cushioned with your picks and

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Dead Man’s Pose: A Thrilling Novel Exposing Sydney’s dark underbelly (Audio Book Review)

Savasana, a pose intended to relax the tension from one’s body at the end of their yoga practice, lays Mario Vincenti’s body to rest forever. Under the brightness of the Sydney sun, his untimely passing gives literal meaning

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Best Fantasy Mystery Books to keep you Intrigued

If you are a fantasy reader who also loves a hint of some mystery, we’ve got your back, here are our top picks of the Best Fantasy Mystery Books you can find as of 2022, from Lighthearted to