December 8, 2023
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Cherie Magnus’ Lincoln and Rachmaninoff Walk into a Bar: A Unique Climate Change Adventure

Author: Cherie Magnus

Genre: historical fantasy / urban fantasy / climate-change fiction

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

Music lovers, historians, and those who love stories about the wild side will enjoy this book from the pen of Cherie Magnus. You will meet Abraham Lincoln, a former president of the US, and Sergei Rachmaninoff, a Russian musical genius, from an interesting angle.

The author knows everything there is to know about these two historical heroes to fit in with the plot. So, much research was invested in the characters, historical events, and issues the human race struggles with.

Dreaming will never be the same again after following along with the narration of the Dreamer in a dream that feels real. It is an imaginative, captivating story that will keep you enthralled to the end.

Spoiler-free Summary

It’s the story of a Dreamer and two historic companions on a celestial-inspired mission to save the world. It’s about saving the human race from itself and the consequences of their actions.

The story takes place in modern-day Los Angeles, where the heroes set out on a road trip adventure of a lifetime. Go on a journey filled with natural beauty and vivid imagination to save the world from the biggest issue of our time: climate change.

The heroes, an unlikely duo, a US president and a Russian composer from a long-forgotten era, get together. The story feels different – exciting and fresh – and the characters are out of place in a modern world where everything intrigues them.

Following along with the plot, you will find that history, music, and a wild outdoor trip are braided together in a fantasy world. It is a unique story of a slow rescue mission through California and more than enough incidents threatening to side-track them.

The trip is full of adventures and distractions, and the mysterious member joining their ranks provides an exciting twist. The story is filled with interesting conversations with unique perspectives from the characters from the past.

The story is about the trip and even more about the destination and the end goal.

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My Take Away

The plot was long-winded and could have been done in only a few chapters, and it deviates from the goal often. Like many other people, the author is concerned about climate change and what problems it could cause long-term.

But in an interesting storyline, she tries to solve the day’s problem with a couple of interesting characters from the past. It is a fantasy world where heroes and angels, poetry, and music help solve a dilemma the human race is facing.

As expected, conflict will arise when two people from different backgrounds unite to save the world. Even though it is not voluntary, while recruited by the Dreamer, they work out their issues in their own way.

An interesting imagination, history, and a lot of suspense will keep the reader captivated through every step of this trip. The historical figures ushered through time by the Dreamer into the present provide an interesting angle to the story.

It is the ideal book for those who want to save the climate but with an added adventurous twist. You won’t be disappointed if intrigue is what you want in a story. And you get a dash history added.

Teens, young adults, and adults will find the story suitable while intrigued by the historical jest. The story is well-told and full of hope and a better future for all, even if it is only a dream.

Lincoln and Rachmaninoff Walk Into a Bar by Cherie Magnus may not be for everybody, but many will love the idea. It is high-level entertainment with an interesting point of view from a well-researched story.

“In ‘Lincoln and Rachmaninoff Walk Into a Bar,’ Chеriе Magnus crafts a rivеting talе that mеlds history, music, and climatе changе in an imaginativе, hopе-fillеd advеnturе.”


Teens, young adults, and adults who enjoy historical adventure.

About The Author Of Lincoln and Rachmaninoff Walk Into a Bar

Author of a memoir trilogy, Death Dance Destiny, Lincoln, and Rachmaninoff Walk Into a Bar is her first novel. Cherie Magnus, a California native, returned to Los Angeles in 2014 after teaching tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 11 years. She was a dance research librarian at the Los Angeles Central Library and a dance critic for local newspapers before moving to France, Mexico, and finally to Argentina. Many of her articles on dance, books, travel, and international culture have been published in magazines, professional journals, and several anthologies. She believes that music can change the world.

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