September 22, 2023
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The Beginning Of The End
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The Beginning Of The End: Adventures of A Battle Mage

Author: Adam J Scholte

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

book nerdection must read

Embezzled with relatable characters, a fast-paced plot, and a lot of adventure, The Beginning of the End is a perfect Epic Fantasy Read for children and young adults alike! It is the first book in the series named, “The Ramulas Chronicles”. Published on 18 October 2022, The Beginning of The End is surely going to land a soft spot in your heart!

Spoiler-Free Plot:

The Beginning of The End is the story of a person named Ramulas, who was a battle mage in his previous life. He now lives as an ordinary farmer and lives with his two girls and wife. He can talk to animals but his wife does not know that. We Also have Oriel Who is a warrior and obeys Remus, a warlord bent on destroying any person who opposes him.

The book starts when Ramulus is being chased by two people and Ramulus just wants to save his family. He sees that someone is fighting the chasers. That someone is Oriel. Oriel asks Ramulus to use his magic and help her save the world and that’s how these two met.

Oriel also disobeys Remus and saves four children. When Remus gets to know about Oriel’s disobedience, he wants to devour the magic within Oriel. This is because Oriel has pure magic and after some period, the warlords devoured the pure magic to make themselves more powerful. 

Oriel hides and meets Ramulus, who is the only person who can help her against the warlords. Ramulus also gets to know that his two girls may have magical hereditary abilities.

Struck between a war Ramulus did not want to get involved in, and his special ability, will Ramulus help Oriel? What will happen to Oriel? How will the story unfold? Read The Beginning of The End to find out more!

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My Take On The Beginning Of The End:

From the beginning, the story was fast-paced. The action literally followed from one sentence to another. The pace, together with a straightforward story made it an excellent book to delve into. The book, in my opinion, is an absolute treat for the eyes.

The writing is simple enough that fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and other adventure middle-grade readers will love to read this. The adventure alloyed with great characters made this book worth reading.

While reading this book, I felt several emotions. It seemed like the author threw a rock with numerous emotions on my face. I laughed with the characters and became sad and angry for them. In fact, your heart will grow for these characters.

Oriel was my favorite character and how she defied Remus was exceptional. I also liked Ramulus’ character due to his caring and protective nature.

The friendship that grew between the characters, how they were ready to fight for one another, and how courageous they all were is magical. I really adore their friendship.

The tale was amazing and drew my attention rather quickly. The fantasy aspects, the magic, and the writing style were exceptional and to the point.

If you love reading fantasy, you should read The Beginning Of The End. The story is sure to hook you up and make you enjoy it.

Age Appropriation for:

Middle-graders and up.

Content Warning:


About the Author of The Beginning Of The End:

Adam J Scholte

Adam J Scholte have been a lover of fantasy his whole life, and he have been blessed with the ability to write in this genre that he love so much. This series began as a single novel and grew to a six novel series, and people absolutely love the first novel which has recently been published. He Loves to connect with his readers through his stories and have them walk alongside the characters in his world.

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