September 22, 2023
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LIT by mark anthony – Powerful Tale Of Frightening Leviathans

Author: Mark Anthony

Genre: Paranormal suspense – horror

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read

Wondering what to read for a scary experience that reminds you of October and Halloween? Lit by Mark Anthony may be the perfect fit for you! Filled with a lot of frightening scenes, creepy creatures, unexpected turns, and much more, the Lit is sure to bind you forever with its charm!

Spoiler-Free Plot of LIT:

LIT is the story of three characters; Ellie, Sam, and Joshua. Ellie is a seventeen-year-old girl, Sam is a thirty-five-year-old man and Joshua is an eight-year-old boy. All three of them are haunted by creatures named Leviathans that are present and bonded with their Conduits – some humans on whose negative emotions the Leviathans feed.

But the fate of these three conduits seals them together forever when they meet in a hell dimension and learn their lesson the hard way – Which is to remain together to fight these evil creatures.

Will they be able to fight these Leviathans and escape this hell? Josh – the young child- will he be able to handle his first encounter with his Leviathan? What does fate have in store for all of them? Read the book to find out more!

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My Take On LIT:

I started this book with average expectations. But after reading the first page, I knew that I had to raise my expectations. Because:

A) The writing style was LIT and,

B) The mysterious environment that compels you to hold your breath!

Though Sam and Ellie were somewhat of not-so-great characters in the beginning, reading about their character development and how great they became was a treat for the eyes! But still, my favorite character was Joshua, whose innocence and childhood were compromised due to Leviathans. I felt sad for him because his whole life ahead will now be plagued with those creepy Leviathan thoughts.

The Leviathans themselves were scary, and if you are just starting Lit, you may think, “Oh, they are not so scary and creepy!”. Believe me, with the passage of chapters, they will become creepier and scarier. Just a side note for the weak-hearted people, don’t read this at midnight!

But, if you are an avid reader of the horror genre, this may be the best story for you! Because LIT is descriptive, with as-humanly-as-possible characters, you will be able to imagine all the scenes. And I kid you not, the Leviathans are very creepy ones if you are able to make their image in your mind!

The atmosphere of the book is eerie and I loved reading how all the three characters met. From my review, you should have clearly understood by now that, I loved reading LIT. It was everything you wish for in horror fiction. So don’t waste your time and grab this book as soon as possible to experience life-altering scenes.

Content Warning:

Mild language, violence

Age Appropriation:


About The Author Of LIT

Mark Anthony is from Western Australia. He lives with his 9-year-old son and his husband in the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth. A Cancer nurse by profession, Mark Anthony wrote LIT during the COVID lockdowns of 2020. This has since led to the 5 star reviewed sequel, LIT – ASCENT, with the next book in the series due to arrive before Christmas 2023.

With a passion for macabre stories, terrifying suspense and well-rounded characters, Mark Anthony commits to producing unsettling worlds where true evil resides in the recesses of humankind.

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