September 22, 2023
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So Good They Call You A Fake-A Powerful Must Read!

Author: Joshua Lisec

Genre: Business

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

A brilliantly crafted magical book that provides more value than dozens of Business Success Books Combined! Read So Good They Call You A Fake and become THE person you always dreamed of! 

So Good They Call You A Fake, non-fiction by Joshua Lisec is a one of its kind book, where every page provides really insane and unique value to the readers. The book provides information on how to achieve the impossible using the steps laid out clearly in the book. So Good They Call You A Fake is a solid 5-Star read and here’s why:

Why Is “So Good They Call You A Fake” Worth Your Time?

1. A Matured Way Of Writing:

At the start of this book, Joshua Lisec wrote that this book may be the first exposure readers have to him, but this is not his first one, due to him being a ghostwriter. And the writing showed me just that. Joshua’s way of writing showed maturity, connectivity, and engagement. Believe me when I say that as a book reviewer, I have reviewed dozens of books and most of them are from new authors. But Joshua’s writing style was unlike any other person’s. I really enjoyed reading his book due to the beauty his words created. Even if you randomly open a page of this book and start reading, you will be instantly hooked, thanks to his perfection-filled passages.

“You do the unthinkable. You prove a stranger on the internet wrong—and they’re glad you did. Because what they get from you is more than an answer to their prayers. Your system, your service, your salvation, it’s what they’ve longed for in their heart of hearts but didn’t even know to pray for.”

So Good They Call You A Fake

Joshua also wrote in a little humorous and easy-to-understand way and this book did not seem like a book, instead, it seemed that Joshua was chit-chatting with the reader. 

2. Premium Value For Readers:

“I will not waste your time. Expect this book to teach you at minimum ONE new relevant, useful, and rewarding tip, tactic, or technique. Even one such valuable takeaway will make it worth all the money you paid and all the time you’ve committed to read this book.”

So Good They Call You A Fake

Joshua provided premium value in his book and proved to be a man of his word by not wasting the readers’ time and money. Each of the chapters provided a comprehensive framework that leads to infinite success when followed religiously.

His devised Genius System is, well, Genius. He laid a step-by-step guide with no steps skipped on the following aspects:

  • How to make money using your Genius System
  • How to target the right audience
  • How to become the sole authority in your niche
  • How to upscale your business
  • How to grab high-ticket clients
  • How to sell courses and coach your clients
  • How to market yourself and your services

And the most amazing part is that all of the steps provided are unlike any other. You see, I have also read several books, posts, and emails about ways to monetize your talent and reach high-ticket clients. But all those books combined were less informative, practical, and valuable than this book alone. So if you want to read a book for achieving success in your business, this book is THE one.

So Good They Call You A Fake provides essential knowledge to ghostwriters and freelance writers for becoming the best in their fields. Don’t be surprised to find out that I have taken numerous notes and will implement Joshua’s marketing, and client-grabbing strategies for my freelance career(high-paying clients, here I come!)

3. No Fluff:

Joshua’s book is so clear, straightforward, and compelling that there is no filler in it whatsoever. Whenever Joshua wrote a new point or concept, he proved it with some real-life examples and this made this book really engaging because to read about ordinary people becoming an authority in their niche is next-level inspirational. 

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Read “So Good They Call You A Fake” and Experience An Exceptional Book:

This review does not even do justice to his book, because only his book can do justice to itself. So if you are an aspiring person who is getting the outcome, but still something seems missing, read this book and your mind will be as clear as day and your confusion will be gone.

Even though Joshua also marketed his services in this book, given the outstanding writing and impeccable strategies, he has earned this.

“And you want to get known so you can get more opportunities. High-level invitations. The velvet-rope treatment. The world’s best clients seeking you out. Every day in every way, you could be selling packaged versions of your expertise to the exact-right people—be those information products like a book or an online course, or a one-on-one high-end professional service you sell to the One Percent. And you’d be reaching so many of these people that you’re booked twelve months in advance. 

That is what you want. 

And you can have it—if you become so good they call you a fake.”

So Good They Call You A Fake

About The Author Of So Good They Call You A Fake

Joshua Lisec is the Internet’s favorite ghostwriter. His work has gained widespread recognition, from TED to TMZ to Twitter Trends, establishing his reputation for always finding “the best way to say it.” Joshua has ghostwritten more than 80 nonfiction books for celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, and for experts asserting authority in their industries for the first time. Joshua is the only Certified Professional Ghostwriter (California State University Long Beach) and Certified Hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnotists) in the world, and more than 2,800 people have taken his persuasive writing courses. So Good They Call You a Fake is his fourth book. Learn more at

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  • Rudraraj June 21, 2023

    In today’s image-driven culture, authenticity is a fascinating topic that is explored in “So Good They Call You A Fake”. A stimulating read is produced by the author’s engaging writing style, personal experiences, and philosophical discussions. It highlights the difficulties people have preserving their authentic selves in the face of cultural pressures and the desire for approval. Although the book doesn’t offer specific advice, it builds empathy and challenges readers’ perceptions of social standards. In a society that frequently places a premium on looks, “So Good They Call You A Fake” serves as a reminder to embrace personal progress and redefine authenticity. Overall, it’s a reviving and inspirational book that encourages introspection and questions accepted ideas of honesty.

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