September 30, 2023
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Rebirth By Victor Fleischer
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Rebirth By Victor Fleischer-Your Next Favorite Book Is Here!

Author: Victor Fleischer

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating: Nerdection Must read

book nerdection must read

Rebirth is a Sci-Fi Romance written by Victor Fleischer. It was published on December 6, 2022. The book tells the story of two characters, Little and Ansuz who are two blackguards enslaved after the city of Bast was ruined by foreign forces.

Spoiler-Free Plot:

The book starts with gray clouds hovering over the city of Bast. The United Cities and The False Emperor of Bast were defeated by The High Inquisitor named Valtena. Valtena was from The Holy Nation and was happy that he ruined the city of Bast and he was sure that Bast was under the wrath of God and now he will improve the city and change the beliefs of people by God’s will.

Valtena defeated the Emperor of Bast by some prophecy of an unknown messenger, which Valtena’s spymaster thinks of as Okran’s messenger. But Valtena does not think of him as an Okran’s messenger that came to shed light on their lives. Valtena asks his spymaster to search for the person who delivered the prophecy. Valtena then sees the captives from Bast and thinks that they will be redeemed under the Holy Flame and will start following Okran and his religion.

Two years have passed since the time Bast was ruined and Valtena has left the city for good. Ansuz and Little (whose real name is Sharukina Samano) are two guards that were captured the day before the assault in Bast. They are marked as Narko’s minions and are ordered by Valtena to never leave Rebirth. Ansuz and Little do not like being enslaved and want to flee from Rebirth and Bast altogether. They are living and working as captives there from the last two years.

They both knew that there were only two ways to leave Rebirth. Either die fighting the Holy Sentinels or flee from the Rebirth without anyone knowing. But they both better knew that no one could flee from Rebirth due to the excessive amount of Holy Sentinels patrolling there.

Despite the odds, Ansuz and LIttle try to flee Rebirth. But they both fail. They do not lose hope and come back. Little again puts herself in shackles so that no one guesses that she left her prison room. But to her horror, a Greenlander slave had seen her.

What Will Happen Now?

The next day, that Greenlander slave along with some other dangerous slaves took Little and they tried to blackmail her. Their leader named Rashad starts talking to Little. He says to Little that she will get enough food daily and no one will know her secret of fleeing if she accepts his demands. Rashad does not know that Little is hiding a knife under her clothes.

Rashad alongwith his slave friends takes Little to another room. They try to force themselves on her when Ansuz comes and kills Rashad. Ansuz and Little then run from the spot. After sometime, Little takes the place of doing Rashad’s duty so that no one suspects anything related to Rashad.

Etin, a young Sentinel does not like that a woman is doing Rashad’s work. Women were lesser creatures that were devilish in nature according to Okran. Etin asks Little to leave the place and then Etin is met with Ansuz who throws a heavy waterskin on Etin’s face. Etin losses consciousness. Ansuz and Little try to flee from Rebirth at that time but they are met with several sirens and bells that have started ringing because someone has found Rashad’s body. Will Ansuz and Little be able to leave Rebirth and gain freedom they have always desired? Read the book to find out more!

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My Take On The Book:

If you like to read books filled with action, then Rebirth should be definitely on your reading list. The book is filled with villains, uncertainty, hope and adventure. The characters of Ansuz and Little are both brave and reckless. In fact, I loved their recklessness and bravery. The way they took care of each other, and did not even hesitate to do something for the other is applaudable.

They both reminded me a little of Kaz and Inej from Six Of Crows. So if you love to read slow burning romantic couples, you should get acquainted with Ansuz and Little.

“Humans were such feeble creatures, Libai thought. They existed in constant fear, afraid of the world, terrified of the unknown. Their short life span made them rash and impatient, their bodies of flesh and blood were fragile, and their minds were often controlled by irrational urges. And yet, there was a strength in their weakness.”

Aside from these two characters, I really hated the Holy Sentinels who always tried to de-humanify the slaves and captives. The book was very descriptive and was an interesting read. There was no scene that bores you. In fact, you will get hooked in the book from the very start till the epilogue. The book delivers its message and theme clearly and is an absolute pleasure to read.

The other thing that I loved about this book was its ability to portray the images of all the scenes going on into the reader’s mind. Rebirth is surely going to become your absolute favorite once you start reading it!

Rating; 5/5. It was honestly a very great read!

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About the Author Of Rebirth: an UNOFFICIAL KENSHI STORY

Victor Fleischer Released his first novel based on the world of Kenshi by Lo-Fi Games in winter 2022. 

Currently working on an original post-apocalyptic sci-fi story. 

You’ll hear more from him soon. [Facebook]

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