December 8, 2023
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Looking Inward for A Better Life by Dalton Dean Blankinship

Author: Dalton Blankinship

Genre: Self-Help / Inspirational

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

While all books are great and fun to read, what makes self-help books stand out from the crowd is their wise practicality. Looking Inward for A Better Life by Dalton Dean Blankinship tackles both life wisdom and practicality beautifully. Jam-packed with the author’s insights on living a happy and meaningful life, this book can help you become a better person.

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About Looking Inward for A Better Life:

Death comes for everybody, yet only a few of them have truly lived.

Dalton Dean Blankinship shares the valuable life lessons he has sought from a lifetime of emotional journeying. Now he hands over his legacy in this book to you.

While billions of humans have inhabited Earth, only a fraction have lived a meaningful life. The essence of life lies in looking inward, analyzing yourself, and then moving onward. Man’s search for truth takes him through difficult paths. In the end, though, what matters is not the result, but the insights we gain from our path.

From cultivating a positive attitude about life to finding your true worth – this book handles sixteen aspects of life you can master to become your best self – both socially and individually.

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My Take on Looking Inward for A Better Life:

Looking Inward for A Better Life is easily the most practical nonfiction self-help book you may want to check out. Masterfully covering sixteen essential areas of life, this book is a short 100-page full of wisdom.

‘The heart, like any other muscle, needs to be exercised, broken down and rebuilt to become stronger’

One of the things I loved about Looking Inward for A Better Life is how the book is structured. You get a comprehensive chapter, one subject at a time, that’s full of insights. Dalton Dean Blankinship also prompts you to reflect on your life after each chapter. He does this by giving you a bunch of exercises you will have to solve. So I advise you to keep your paper and pens nearby!

I also loved the snippets of the author’s life in the ‘personal reflections’ section. Dalton Dean Blankinship illustrates the way he practiced a certain lesson in his own life. And I easily related to him while reading those parts.

However, there were some sections where the text is too factual and, therefore, a little hard to absorb. I suggest that you read this book 1-2 chapters per day at max so that you can effectively understand the gist of it and add every lesson into your life. This way, you can also solve the chapter exercises and thoroughly ponder your life.

Highly recommended for all self-help geeks out there, Looking Inward for A Better Life takes you through an inner voyage, nurturing you one chapter at a time.

” ‘Looking Inward for A Better Life’ by Dalton Dean Blankinship is a concise yet powerful guide, seamlessly blending practical wisdom and personal reflections, making it a must-read for those seeking meaningful self-improvement.”

About The Author Of Looking Inward for A Better Life

Dalton Dean Blankinship is a new author and this is his first book, also he is from Oklahoma.

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